The 10 most read articles of the Quable blog

The 10 most read articles of the Quable blog

The beginning of the school year is always the best time for everyone to take stock of the past year, to look back on it, in order to judiciously prepare the coming year. At Quable, we don't cut this exercise short and we're ready to give you the articles that have been consulted the most throughout the year that has just passed. A distillation of our content that will certainly give you some ideas.

1. What is a product content manager?

A key article explaining why Product Content Managers have a strategic role to play within companies in a wide range of fields: optimizing social networks, developing marketplaces, etc. Working closely with the Product Content Manager, this is a profile with which Quable collaborates closely, and whose work is greatly facilitated by the Quable Content Manager. PIM.

2. How to build the product repository that accelerates your sales?

As the foundation of your product information, the product repository is constantly evolving, due to the life cycle stages of your company's products. It must contain qualified, standardized and easy to distribute information. Through this article, we explain why product data management is essential to master this information and how the product repository becomes the reference base in this work.

3. How to create a flawless lookbook in a few clicks?

The lookbook is an essential tool for the fashion, luxury and ready-to-wear industries. Its purpose is toembody your brand and bring your products to life. Worked in a rigorous way, and unified on all the sales channels, this tool homogenizes the customer experience as a whole. However, the lookbook faces a certain number of problems: deadlines, quality, flexibility, cost... Problems that are no longer problems when it is generated from PIM, as described in the article in question.

4. 5 steps to successful internationalization with TextMaster

A key moment in your business, whether you are an SME or a large company. Exporting is a new door to new markets, new consumers and therefore new opportunities. However, several conditions must be respected in order to best prepare this international launch. Everything is explained in this article, but our best advice is the following: you must know how to surround yourself with the best, of which TextMaster is one.

5. Which software to use to create a catalog?

Whether you are in B2B or B2C, the product catalog is the essential for e-tailers. An important point of contact for your customers, it must give a positive impression of your brand and make the products attractive. Many tools exist to facilitate its creation, everything depends on your capacity and your needs, that's what we explain in detail in this article.

6. 7 Reassurance factors in e-commerce

This article is a must read if you are not Apple or LVMH, because your visitors, and future customers, do not know you as well as they do and need to be reassured to gain your trust. By putting in place the elements described in this article, their judgment and the image they will have of your brand, will no longer leave room for any doubt, which will boost the growth of your business.

7. The challenges of setting up PIM at PCB Création

Our customers are interested in you! This is an opportunity for us, and for them, to go back over their feedback on the use of PIM. In this example, PCB Création chose PIM Quable; what were the problems the company encountered before the implementation of the platform and what are the many benefits related to this use. The replay of PCB Création's webinar is also available.

8. Keepeek & Quable: the power of your media

Our partners are also of interest to you, and indeed, Quable surrounds itself with a whole network of partners who are experts in their field to deliver the best of PIM and all its benefits. In this article, we come back to our collaboration with Keepeek, which associated with Quable, allows to multiply the power and the value of your media. Through one of our common customer, NAOS, we could see how the Quable-Keepeek association allows us to deliver a real 3 in 1 marketing platform that will fluidify all the enrichment processes of the 3 brands of the group and thus boost its international turnover. A combo that will also be a sure win for your company.

9. How to unify collaboration between Production, Marketing, Sales and IT teams thanks to PIM ?

Our client AdVini has reaped a major benefit from its use of PIM : harmonized collaboration between its different teams, departments and services. As explained here, thanks to PIM , the international wine group was able to address the many issues it had to deal with (complexity of the data model, core business, involvement of many different teams, etc.) and strengthen the quality of relations between teams. Other benefits? Unification of the product experience, reduced workload, better productivity, reduction of errors... among others.

10. Digitizing your B2B catalog

More and more popular among e-tailers, even in B2B, the digital and interactive catalog is on the rise. To create it efficiently, it is essential to have a suitable platform that automates the creation and easy management of the data. We explain here why it is important to digitalize your product catalog and how to do it easily and quickly thanks to PIM.

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