Keepeek & Quable: harness the power of your media

Keepeek & Quable: harness the power of your media

As the French leader in DAM across several sectors: industry, banking, retail, food, construction, leisure and culture, transportation and acting for many customers (350), Keepeek is THE DAM platform par excellence and expert in its field. But when we talk about DAM (Digital Asset Management), what are we really talking about? 4 disciplines and professions are clearly discernible:

  • Management of assets and content produced,
  • Distribution of marketing campaigns,
  • Harmonization of brand management, 
  • Valuation of the company's assets.

With several joint customers such as ClubMed and NAOS, the Quable and Keepeek alliance isexploding the use and value of your media through DAM.

The pillars of DAM and Keepeek

When we talk about DAM, we mainly talk about 3 main pillars or business actions:

  • Gathering: how to get a maximum of information and media upstream.
  • Enrichment: how to enrich and annotate these elements through collaborative workflows and thus work with all ecosystems. This enrichment, a fundamental step, involves connecting with PIM Quable.
  • Distribution; which includes the transformation and export of assets, in different formats on different platforms.

The DAM ecosystem in general, and Keepeek's in particular, remains relatively dense, including distribution portals, mobile applications, collaborative tools for working on workflows and content validation, connectors and an open platform.

Associated with a PIM like Quable, the PIM + DAM integration directly enriches the content present in your product sheets in an automated manner. Together, they become the guarantors of an information processed with accuracy, centralized and distributed in an omnichannel way to satisfy at best each visitor and future consumers. As a reference in data management within businesses, the PIM/DAM couple becomes the real solution in terms of product information management andproduct experience integration.

The relevance of Quable & Keepeek: the NAOS case

The NAOS group is a major player in skin care through its three brands: Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur. Present in more than 130 countries around the world, it has a state-of-the-art research center in Aix-en-Provence and manufactures nearly 600,000 products per day.

The group has chosen the Quable and Keepeek alliance to equip itself with a real 3-in-1 marketing platform tofluidify all the enrichment processes for its 3 brands and thus boost its international sales

Using the DAM is easy: typing a keyword in the database brings up a set of assets, media and images related to this specific word. Using several filters, it is then possible torefine the search. These filters can be varied: the status of the media (published or unpublished), the type of asset (images, documents, videos, sounds), faceted filters; personalized filters according to the metadata entered on the media, which allow cross-referencing and therefore very specific and refined searches. Each media has a sharing URL, which allows to broadcast it externally and to download the assets afterwards. Finally, it is possible to pre-configure a whole bunch of formats according to the uses and needs of the customers, to gain in speed and efficiency.

All the richness of the PIM/DAM couple also comes into play in mass actions. For companies managing a large number of media (La Redoute for example, with more than 2 million media), it is possible to do "mass editing" and integrate additions and/or changes of data on a whole set of assets.

Also, the fact of creating folders and subfolders of media allows our customers to play on the access rights to certain media, according to their distributors and resellers. This feature is greatly appreciated for an international business where there are many specificities per region or country.


Media are the most valuable data and information. Of good quality, these are key elements that drive to convert your visitors into customers. To do this, the relevant and effective management of this data is an essential step.

The association between Quable and Keepeek is the guarantee to offer you the maximum power of your media and assets thanks to the appropriate tools and platforms. By giving power to your images, videos, marketing documents, audios or others, you increase tenfold your possibilities to save time for your teams, to fluidify the enrichment processes by collaborating efficiently and to centralize the management of your data in a uniform way.

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