5 key steps to internationalization with TextMaster and Quable

5 key steps to internationalization with TextMaster and Quable

Internationalisation is often a crucial time for SMEs and large companies operating online. Exporting your business has many advantages, and is an unmissable opportunity to boost your sales and turnover.

All this, provided that you respect several steps that are essential for a successful international launch.


Introspection and taking stock of your company is an essential phase in your internationalization process. It will help you identify your available resources, whether or not you're currently in a position to go international, and therefore what you're missing, what you need. Perhaps you'll need to recruit new staff to launch your business in a new country, or acquire new technological tools to ensure the distribution of your data, such as a PIMfor example. Whatever your choice of internationalization (export, franchise...) this self-analysis will enable you to think about why you made this choice and lay the first foundations of your internationalization strategy.‍

Analyse the future market 

Your new international marketing strategy must include a market study of the destination country. Each geographical area has its own consumers and their habits, regulatory and legal specificities... and it would be a pity to be surprised by one of these elements complicating your international launch. Therefore, your business plan should include an in-depth market analysis of the country in question, like an audit: your personas' consumption habits on the web and/or in shops (do they use marketplaces like Amazon, or payment solutions such as PayPal?), an overview of the competition abroad, an understanding of the local culture..., with the aim ofcreating a tailor-made strategy, personalised and above all adapted to the target country.

Preparing the data to test the market

Testing your target market by using international marketplaces is an advantageous choice, simple, fast and requiring little heavy investment. Moreover, marketplaces are also a guarantee of trust, quality and visibility with new consumers you wish to target and who do not know you yet. Opting for these international marketplaces requires preparing your data in advance. The PIM Quable intervenes then to facilitate the management of these data in advance and their diffusion towards the marketplaces in question.

Quable collaborates with all marketplaces by relying on feed aggregators such as Shoppingfeed, for example, which centralise product data and distribute it to international marketplaces. 

Thinking about translation, but especially localisation 

Translation from the language to the target country is an essential step in your international strategy. However, the current globalization of markets requires more of an adaptation strategy. The translation and adaptation of your content must be of high quality in order to make you known to your new consumers, suppliers and/or partners. TextMaster uses a variety of technologies (translation API, translation memory, etc.) to deliver translated content that is adapted to the target country in a timely manner, so that your teams can focus on higher value-added tasks. TextMaster's numerous integrations with external solutions such as WeGlot and PIM Quable ensure fast and reliable adaptation of product data for your new international audience.

Anticipating logistical issues

Order processing, shipping and returns management, and anticipating order volumes are all aspects that will form an integral part of your strategy from a logistics point of view. To reassure your future customers, opt for local delivery and payment options, adapted to the consumption habits of the target country. These choices will also allow you to ensure optimal, reliable and trustworthy after-sales service and thus optimise your sales. An efficient logistics strategy must be adapted to your company's activity and products, including a delivery method customised to your customers, and why not,using local partners and/or specialists.

Going international is a major decision for ecommerce companies and represents an advantageous growth potential for your business. In this process, do not hesitate to be accompanied by specialized partners who are experts in their field; the translation and adaptation of your content (thanks to TextMaster), the logistical aspect, the data management and the data model (with Quable's PIM )... in order to save a significant amount of time so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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