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Simplify the management of your product data across all your channels and markets with a "No-Code" Product Information Management platform designed for bold brands and manufacturers.

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The starting point for your cross-border and cross-channel business

With Quable, tell your customers the best product story no matter where they are: e-commerce, marketplaces, B2B, D2C. Deploy a consistent product strategy adapted to each market.

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It's time to go next level!

No more Excel spreadsheets, no more storing data on a drive, no more working in silos! Quable helps you overcome the chaos of managing your content, touch points, and the business and regulatory constraints of each country.

I want to scale my business
of online turnover thanks to the PIM
workload for the teams
to put your products online

Activate products features as you need

PIM, DAM, Brand Portal, Print, Apps, Workflows, Analytics: Quable is a platform full of best-of-breed features to turn your product data into business opportunities.

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The solution your whole company will be onboard with

Quable combines all the tools you need to improve your content management and foster collaboration between your various departments. Revolutionize the way you work by customizing your business processes on an immaculate user interface.

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Connect your products to all your sales platforms

Activate your products everywhere in real time. Simplify your publications and updates across all your media. With all the necessary integrations to deploy an efficient omnichannel strategy, Quable's PIM solution accelerates your go-to-market strategy.

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Why Quable?

A top-notch customer relationship

A , friendly and responsive expert team and expert partners at your service.

Elegant UI/UX

A user-friendly interface for all your daily activities.

Competitive rates

Transparent and tailored to your usage and growth objectives.

Quick to deploy

Onboarding is 3 times faster on average than other solutions on the market.

No code

‍Nodevelopment or hosting required, updates are automatic.

Unmatched performance

99.9% high availability, fast processing on high volumes.

They have already adopted Quable

"Quable allows us to enhance the relevance of the customer interaction with up-to-date information. It provides a rich and qualitative product experience."

Clarisse C. - Berluti

"With Quable, contributors save precious time and the time-to-market has been drastically reduced: less than 24 hours to put 7 channels online."

Vincent D. - Jennyfer

"Quable's PIM allowed us to structure our product repository and launch our e-commerce site in less than 3 weeks."

David D. - Stokomani
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