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Brand portal: make your offer accessible to all

Unite and inform your customers, partners, resellers and employees. Quable's Brand Portal allows you to offer quick access to all your content in a single place.

Unique access to your offer 

Product sheets, data sheets, sales pitches, merchandising plans, training documents, kits and press releases... Make your most relevant content available to your sales force, your partners and your distribution network.

Show your own colors

Shape Quable portal to your image and offer the best experience to your users. In a few clicks, customize your graphic charter, your login screens, your audiences, your tree structure and your content.

Share and download worldwide

Advanced search filters, downloads in different formats, sharing via Gmail / Outlook. Give your B2B markets easy access to your content and analyze your page performance.

Content accessible to all
Fully customizable portal
Accelerate your catalog expansion

FAQ about our Brand Portal solution

Who is the brand portal solution for?

What data do Brand Portal users have access to?

Why choose to deploy a brand portal platform?

Why associate the Brand Portal with PIM/DAM?

Is there an additional cost for the Brand Portal platform?