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A solution PIM designed for SMEs and VSEs

Boost your sales by centralizing your product files and saving time. Indispensable for small and medium-sized businesses, PIM (Product Information Management) simplifies the management of thousands of references with a reduced team. Reduce your workload and expand your sales area successfully.

Reduce the time it takes to put your products online

Manage thousands of product references with a reduced team and accelerate time-to-market: your product sheets are available faster for proactive sale on your e-commerce platform (Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.), marketplaces or in-store.

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Offer complete and up-to-date product sheets

Multiply sales opportunities and reduce item returns with always up-to-date product sheets (website and marketplaces). If you make a change on PIM, it is instantly published on all your sales channels: e-commerce site, e-catalogue, b2b product portal, in-store shelves.

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Simplify product catalogue management

Achieve your goals faster with a truly efficient catalogue management tool: automate as many operations as possible and free up time for your staff by eliminating low-value tasks.

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"Quable's PIM allowed us to structure our product repository and launch our e-commerce site in less than 3 weeks."

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