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Easily import and export your catalogs

A high-performance import/export platform to synchronize all your product and media data with the tools and solutions in your information system (ERP, PLM, MDM, etc.)

Customize your data exchanges

Easily create profiles for all your imports and exports. Quickly define your exchange formats, data type, languages and file type (CSV, XLS).

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Map your files in a few clicks

Drag and drop your file to be imported or exported. Our PIM platform automatically detects the structure and allows you to make a mapping between the attributes of the PIM and the file columns in a few clicks.

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Plan as you please

Import or export your data once a month, week, day, hour... Define the frequency of your operations and drop your files when and where you want (FTP, SFTP...).

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Manage your data flows

The activity log allows you to easily view and monitor all your processes (import, export, updates...). Check your products have been imported or exported. Simplified logs allow quick detection of any errors in your files.

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Up-to-date data in your IS
Clear monitoring of product flows
Easy to use

FAQ about our Quable Feeds solution 

What are the possible import and export formats?

Is it possible to schedule imports and exports?

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