The challenges and implementation of the PIM project at PCB CREATION

The challenges and implementation of the PIM project at PCB CREATION

With more than 5,000 customers in nearly 100 different countries, PCB CREATION is a specialist in food decoration in the B2B market. Dealing with craftsmen (chocolate makers, bakers), large industrial accounts (metro, picard...) or even internationally via distributors; PCB CREATION must mobilise several sales channels in its strategy.

Between field sales, a specific API for key accounts, a catalogue translated into several languages and an E-commerce site, management and automation can be difficult, so how do you overcome this?

Before PIM: Problems and issues

PCB CREATION, like many companies, is facing a lot of productivity problems in data management. Indeed, a consequent lack of automation and management of the different product sheets slows down the performance of the different sales channels.

Several recurring problems were identified:

  • A manual update of the "key account" files
  • Translations out of sync with the product release
  • Handling multiple Excel files
  • A time-consuming search for the right visuals
  • A manual feed of the website's product content

Overall, these problems are holding back the opening of new channels because of the complexity of data management.

a 3-in-1 marketing platform

But what are the strategic issues of PCB CREATION?
  • Centralization and reliability of data in a single repository
  • Streamlining collaborative marketing contribution processes to reduce unnecessary tasks and accelerate time-to-market
  • Easy distribution of information and media across all channels including the future international E-commerce platform

The implementation of the PIM: a 10-week project

Above all, it is important to adapt a coherent workflow to meet the identified challenges as closely as possible.

In the case of PCB CREATION, the workflow can be broken down into 3 parts to address all issues:

  1. Initialization of data :

This step enables product information to be structured neatly in a pre-established mold, and then notified to teams directly via the dashboard. PIM.

  1. Enrichment of teams :

This is the most important action in the workflow and also the centerpiece of PIM. It is at this stage that the teams will enrich the product data as much as possible so that it can be distributed to all the different sales channels.

This process includes :

  • Management control of "classic" information (weight, prices, stocks, etc.)
  • Daily ERP synchronisation and media import via DAM
  • The different marketing tasks (content marketing, E-commerce...)
  • Translation tasks in 4 languages for international use
  • Validation of content and quality control of the information produced

Teams have specific tasks, which simply reduces waste of time and speeds up the dissemination of product information.

  1. Automated omnichannel distribution :

The number one objective is above all the omnichannel distribution of all product information. Whether on the e-commerce site or on the marketplaces, the B2B APIs or the brand portal (which among other things provides online catalogues), PCB CREATION must enable optimised distribution of product data.

Before this diffusion result can be achieved, the solution PIM must be implemented.

Thanks to a collaborative work between our onboarding teams and the marketing department of PCB CREATION, which regularly goes back and forth between each step of the implementation of PIM.

Within 10 weeks, our solution PIM was implemented and used at PCB CREATION. Several steps were necessary before this launch:

  • First, the data model: Pre-launch, kick-off meeting, modeling of PIM and preparation of imports
  • Then the collaboration stage: Definition of the completions and parameterisation of the workflows
  • Creation of analysis dashboards: Definition of KPIs and widgets
  • Definition of PIM users: User configuration and role management
  • Import / Export of existing data: Technical support, IN & OUT specification, API and webhooks
  • In-depth training on the management of our solution: Introduction to PIM / DAM, advanced user training, technical training

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