Unlock your brand's full potential with the Quable platform

All brands are looking for commercial and operational efficiency. Creating and activating compelling content is the key to showcasing and selling products faster in their markets. Why do brands choose Quable to meet the omnichannel challenge?


A powerful and comprehensive PIM platform for all your teams

A platform to centralize, enrich and distribute all your product data quickly and simply.

A natively integrated DAM

Centralize all the visuals for your product pages: photographs, packshots, sketches, videos or pictograms, and distribute them on all your channels.

A customizable and accessible brand portal

Make your commercial offer fully or partialy available to different stakeholders: resellers, partners, customers. Give them all easy access to your products.

Quable Apps - the best e-commerce ecosystem

Quickly connect all the applications you need. Maximize what you can get out of the Quable platform on a daily basis.

Adapted and efficient workflows

Implement processes adapted to your teams and objectives. Save lots of time and and focus on growth. Customize your enrichment steps and move forwards in leaps and bounds.

Instant imports & exports

Import and export all your product information easily. Your data is systematically synchronized and updated in real time.

A complete and meticulous management with Analytics

All the tools you need to manage product data, distribute your products quickly and have a clear and global vision of your objectives and projects.

Product pages in one click

Easy access to catalogs and product pages to keep your resellers, salespeople, customers and employees in tune with your brand.

Available and responsive support

A dedicated team to answer your questions and advise you in the best way possible to help you maximize your use of the PIM platform.

Flexible and suitable for all user profiles

Quable PIM benefits all the business teams involved in managing, enriching and distributing product information.