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A PIM solution designed for industrial manufacturers

Boost your sales by centralizing and distributing your standards-compliant product sheets (FAB-DIS, Edoni, ETIM). For industrial manufacturers, providing standards-compliant product information across all sales channels is critical. With PIM, provide the best product experience with standardized and compliant information.


Quickly boost multi-channel sales of your manufactured products

Manage the distribution of your product data across all your channels and ensure the consistency of your omnichannel presence while accelerating your Time To Market: the descriptive data of your industrial products are available more quickly for proactive marketing.

Give your customers the product experience they deserve

Give your customers the benefit of data that is always up-to-date and compliant with industry standards (FAB-DIS, Edoni, ETIM). Make a change on the PIM, publish it simultaneously on all your sales channels, observe the drop in your product return rates.

Simplify and make your product management more reliable

Automate as many tasks as possible and free up time for your staff to focus on your core business which increases productivity.

Quable has made it possible to improve the quality of the catalogue and make quotes and orders available on the web and mobile. ROI and time-to-market are present.

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