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Powerful and complete PIM platform

Centralize and enrich your product data. Distribute it to your ecosystem in record time. An all-in-one, easy-to-use platform so your multi-market business can take off.

Customize data on all your markets

Keep control of your product information. Launch your offer in multiple countries while ensuring it is local and unique in each place.

Manage your catalog structure for each channel

With access and restrictions, deliver the most relevant content to each channel. Create a differentiated and impactful customer experience.

An ultra-flexible data model

Manage all your repositories from Quable thanks to an ultra-flexible data model: products, materials, colours, ingredients, services, recipes, stores...

Ensure the traceability of your products

All additions, modifications and deletions are recorded on the Quable PIM platform. Whether changes are made by people or system updates, see the complete history of each of your products in just one click.

Up-to-date data everywhere
Clear monitoring of product flows
Easy to use

FAQ on our platform PIM

Why use this solution?

How long does it take for the PIM software to become operational?

Which professionals will use the PIM platform?

What are the preliminary steps before tthe PIM is deployed?

What type of data can be managed with the PIM platform and where does it come from?