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Pilot data in one place

A dashboard with simple and effective tools for quality control and day-to-day management of your product pages and catalogs.

A powerful dashboard to pilot products and media

Our ergonomic visual dashboard gives you a birdseye view of product quality and completeness across all your channels. It incites proactive contribution in different departments. Performance indicators are updated in real time, so supervision becomes a simple task. 

Customizable widgets

You have a complete library of sectors, bars, stacked bars, lines, dynamic lists, etc, to customize your widgets and the overall look of your dashboard. Share your widgets with your colleagues as you please and access your data in a few clicks.

Go-to-market quicker with completion

Customize the level of quality and completeness desired on each of your channels: e-commerce, marketplaces, print, distributors, etc. Monitor the completion rate for product pages and catalogs in real time.

A clear and proactive vision
100% customizable KPIs
Productivity gains of up to 80%

FAQ about our Analytics features

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