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Work efficiently at last

Our PIM platform offers you complete customization of your workflows. Make all your processes smooth running from enrichment to product validation in different departments. 

Organize your product life cycle

Get all your teams working together seamlessly at last: collection teams, product, marketing, e-commerce, translators, regulatory teams and photo studios. Manage user access rights and customize all the steps of your business workflow with a simple and intuitive visual interface.

Real time alerts

Set up tags on your products with automatic rules so that your users are notified immediately when there is a new product, an update or an enhancement to be made.

Collaborate efficiently

Assign tasks or suggest content without modifying your catalogs. The Task Manager and suggestion mode make it easy to collaborate between  different departments.

Operational efficiency
Interdepartmental collaboration
Process transmission

FAQ about our Workflow solution

Why implement workflows?

Is it possible to schedule alerts through workflows?

How can I share information with my teams?