Deploy a tool PIM (3/3): Easy and efficient distribution

Deploy a tool PIM (3/3): Easy and efficient distribution

Successfully distributing product data quickly and efficiently is a key issue for your company. To meet this need and gain in efficiency, there is no secret: you must equip yourself with a powerful platform and use the right channels! Here we present the advantages of using tools such as Quable PIM and Quable Portal to manage and distribute your products. 

The advantages of Quable PIM for the distribution of your products 

Quable offers product data management solutions for any business looking to expand its reach. Whether you work on the web, via a phygital channel or in print, you'll benefit from using Quable PIM ! Let's get to the bottom of it. 

The advantages of Quable PIM on the web

For brands distributing their products on e-commerce sites, marketplaces or mobile apps, the advantages of Quable PIM are numerous! 

  • Speed of import and export - it is possible to import and export data on a massive scale, up to 200,000 products in less than 3 minutes!
  • the possible data mapping between your different systems;
  • a richly documented API;
  • native connectors that can be used for translation. 
  • compatibility with most of the platforms in your ecosystem: PrestaShop, Commerce Cloud, Proximis, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • the ease of connection to other tools, marketplace flow managers (such as Lengow) or other marketplace aggregators. 

Use of Quable PIM on the phygital channel

The phygital channel (sales tablets, touch-screen kiosks, POS displays, etc.) is also compatible with Quable PIM. You can send feeds and synchronize the platform with PIM with POS software or digital media, such as touch-screen kiosks. One example is the Aroma kiosks at Leclerc Pharmacie. 

The Quable PIM is also able to generate a PDF file or a product presentation sheet. Useful to bring more details about your products to your customers.

The advantages of Quable PIM for print

On the print side - management of paper catalogs, brochures, labels or others, the Quable PIM also has many advantages: 

  • It is very easy to connect the PIM to InDesign to have access to product data. This option simplifies the work of graphic designers!
  • When the product is created, the fields in the InDesign layout are automatically filled with variables. 

The Quable PIM therefore benefits froma strong interoperability, in other words, a strong capacity to operate in interaction with different systems. 

Focus on webhook technology: think automation!

The Webhook allows the implementation of several actions favouring a better collaboration and reactivity in companies and in their relationship with their partners. These actions are carried out automatically and in real time, following an event. Notifications can be sent to other systems to ensure continuity in the life of the data. Contribution and collaboration are facilitated. 

Webhook technology therefore saves valuable time for all those involved bymaking tasks autonomous!

Quable Portal: a new way to distribute your product data

Quable Portal allows your collaborators or partners to enrich, distribute or retrieve your product data in a secure and simple way. 

Towards greater efficiency

Thanks to PIM, your product data remains reliable and relevant, because your information is regularly updated on all your distribution channels.

Quable Portal allows several actions: 

  • The catalogue can be easily shared with several recipients;
  • The editing of demanding content such as sales pitches, product presentations or launch presentations is made easier, regardless of the number of languages;

Better overall communication

  • Communication with your external partners is also facilitated: you can grant specific access to your distributors, resellers, but also to press agencies, influencers, brand ambassadors... to whom you can share exclusive content in a secure manner, in the case of the creation of press kits or dedicated media.

A unique platform

If you work with 300 different distributors and several partners, they will be able to retrieve the information they need by connecting to the portal according to the rights you have granted them, and in complete autonomy. This is a real time saver for them and for you!  

>> Want to know more? Watch our video presentation of Quable Portal.

Quable PIM will be your best ally for the distribution and management of your product data. Thanks to its high level of performance, its careful ergonomics and its strong interoperability, you will quickly gain in efficiency in the distribution of your product information. To learn more, don't hesitate to request a Quable demo PIM !

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