Enhance your product catalogue with Quable Portal

Enhance your product catalogue with Quable Portal

There's no doubt about it: to ensure the success of your business, you need to provide a seamless user experience for your customers, suppliers, sales force and contractors. And that means easy and reliable access to information! In addition to software PIM and DAM software that allows you to pool, manage and make reliable product information, Quable offers a customizable portal to enhance your product catalog: we tell you all about Quable Portal!

Quable Portal: the interface that revolutionises your product catalogue

Did you know that every week, a worker spends 20% of his or her time searching for information? To help alleviate this problem, Quable has set up a portal that allows its customers to easily distribute and share their product data.

An interconnection between PIM and the portal 

Quable Portal connects directly to PIM to extract all the product data you need in real time. In the portal interface, your contacts can retrieve text data relating to the product, formatted according to the style criteria you have predefined in PIM (bold, italic or underlined). 

Thanks to the media library, you can also give access to photos, videos or tutorials of your choice. All available media can be downloaded in one click: a real time-saver!

A configuration that adapts to your target

Whatever your target audience, you will be able to configure the appropriate reports. Internally, communicate with your employees or your sales force through the portal. This is what one of our clients, the Korian group, does: it uses the portal to distribute its corporate communication materials to its employees.

Externally, share your news and exclusivities with your partners, resellers or the press. The bonus? You can set up specific profiles for each contact. This way you can control your message from A to Z!

A digital catalogue in your image

The Quable portal allows you to create a customised and fully responsive interface. You can integrate your logo, your graphic charter, and organise the header and content elements as you wish. Ultra-flexible, the tool allows you to display slideshows of your key products, links to your site, or even to customise your favourites.

For an even better customer experience, you can also create separate user areas: users access them via a login and password and can create their profile directly on the portal, for even greater simplicity.

The customer experience, at the heart of Quable's concerns

In order to provide an exceptional customer experience, Quable provides a number of services for users of its portal, which is designed for smooth and fast navigation. In particular, we have provided a set of video tutorials, and offer you the opportunity to test the Quable Portal platform on your own, to teach you how to master the tool. 

You prefer to interact with our teams? We will guide you step by step through the features and advanced settings of the interface. For example, you can connect your portal to Google Analytics to analyse your audience and optimise your data.

Designed to enhance your product catalogue and offer your customers and partners optimal ease of use, the Quable portal offers a fluid, ergonomic and customisable interface. Enhancing and sharing your products has never been so easy with Quable! Want to discover it?

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