After the Love Story CRM, Marketing loves the PIM!

After the Love Story CRM, Marketing loves the PIM!

1.2 billion transactions on the Internet in 2017 (FEVAD and KPMG study, 2017 e-commerce report): it is undeniable that digital commerce is doing well. Over the past 20 years, online sales have continued to grow - and so has the number of e-tailers. With competition raging, customer experience has become the cornerstone of any successful business strategy. To achieve this, companies are capitalising on the knowledge extracted from their customer interactions: thus CRM was born.

Although CRM makes it possible to personalise exchanges with customers, there is no customer without a purchase. And before becoming a customer, there is the phase of getting to know the products for sale and obtaining information about them. This very first encounter with the product is the basis of the customer experience. So how can we improve the customer experience at the moment when the customer learns what makes a product different? Today, it is the PIM (Product Information Manager) which makes this stage perfectly fluid: it has become the new indispensable tool for marketing teams.

1. Multiplying products and customers

Just as the increase in the number of customers led to the invention of the CRM to replace the Excel files of yesteryear, the increase in the number of products to be sold has in turn given life to the PIM. As the volume of products grew, so did the problems of organising, grouping and storing information in product databases. An increasing number of products to be sold implies an exponential amount of data to be processed.

  • By gathering product data in one place, accessible by the entire marketing team at any given time, PIM makes it easier for teams with dozens, hundreds or thousands of products to manage.

2. Multiplying the data collected and enriched

CRM has become essential for collecting a maximum amount of information about a customer and sending him the right message at the right time. In the same way, the data available on a product is multiplying: media and texts must make the customer want to buy and reassure him. The richness, organisation and availability of this data are essential. Some data are nowadays indispensable to hope to conclude a sale:

  • Allergen" data in the food sector, which is a real health issue,
  • Material" data in fashion, for allergy or ethical issues dear to buyers,
  • Children's activities" data for tourism, without which parents will not book their next holiday.

Incomplete or unavailable information would mean handing over the sale to your competitor!

Image building product experience accelerates sales

3. Multiplying channels and facilitating dissemination

In an era of multiple customer touch points, CRM faces a major challenge in ensuring a seamless conversation from the data that comes from the different channels that connect the company and the customer. Product data must be easily and instantlyavailable across all distribution channels, while being adapted to the format of each channel.

Where manual formatting was often a source of blockages and wasted time, the PIM now allows automate the distribution of data to each of the chosen channels according to pre-established rules. The time freed up can be put to good use, why not to project oneself onto new markets... The same product content (descriptions, media...) can thus be adapted to the needs of the various sales and communication channels:

  • On the Web: marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, online sales site,
  • For print: brochures, catalogues, pdf,
  • For the international market, thanks to the integrated translation within the PIM.


Born - like its big brother the CRM - from an operational need in the field, the PIM has also become an indispensable tool for meeting the current challenges of e-commerce and marketing. Without a product, there is no customer: the product experience must be irreproachable and facilitate the life of a buyer who cannot bear any frustration... But also that of an employee whose time must, today more than ever, be devoted to high value-added tasks.

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