Deploy a tool PIM (2/3): Collaboration in the spotlight

Deploy a tool PIM (2/3): Collaboration in the spotlight

In business, a transverse and efficient collaboration is essential to gain in productivity. This is even more true for e-commerce companies that need to industrialize the management of their product catalog. To set up reliable workflows that save time, facilitate exchanges between your employees and reduce the risk of errors, Quable's PIM (Product Information Management) is your best ally! We take stock of this essential issue of collaboration on your product information.

Ensuring the success of your projects with effective business collaboration

Is your structure growing, your business expanding, and your teams with it? It is essential to rethink the organisation of collaboration flows. By implementing a collaborative tool in your company, you will benefit in many ways:

  • more efficient teamwork, even if your employees are spread over several sites, internationally, or working from home;
  • Productivity gains, thanks to a better distribution of competences and optimised working groups;
  • better access to information by employees: data is centralised and shared according to individual profiles;
  • monitoring of the project's progress by all staff.

A effective cross-functional collaborationCollaboration is the key to success for all projects, no matter how large or small. That's why Quable focuses on collaboration in its Product Information Management tool.

Facilitate collaboration between your teams with Product Information Management

Once your dashboard is set up, your teams can start enriching the data. To streamline product creation processes, Quable allows the creation and customisation of workflows. These operational flows are organised by business. The employees concerned are notified by e-mail as soon as they have to intervene, to simplify the organisation.

Project management made easy

Quable's PIM has been designed to facilitate the missions of your employees. Easy to use, it allows you to set up fully customizable workflows.

Your project managers or product managers can easily create a suitable space by setting up the contribution steps (from EAN creation to product deployment) and then assigning these tasks to the relevant project teams. You can halve the time your teams spend on enriching, editing, and extracting information from your various channels, and gain operational efficiency.

A photo studio linked to the tool

In order to facilitate media management and the integration of images in the tool, Quable has designed adapted functionalities:

  • the PIM can be directly connected to the photo studio : via the photobox or the scancube, for 2D or 360° visuals;
  • thanks to naming rules, the visuals can be dispatched according to the attached product sheet - the tool then recovers only the HD files;
  • media files will be created for each visual, to simplify media management in the same way as product files: information on Alt tags, copyrights, view types, image resizing, etc.

Involved e-commerce teams

For effective multi-channel collaboration, the intervention of the teams in charge of your e-commerce site or marketplaces must be facilitated. They will have to work on the descriptions specific to their channels, highlighting them by choosing the most appropriate illustrations and the right tree structure to put in place on the site.

Quable's Product Information Management allows employees to choose the method of their choice for data integration:

  • directly into the PIM;
  • in the CMS ;
  • through the implementation of automation.

Tailor-made translation management

Ideal if your activity is present in several countries, the translation functionality allows you to integrate texts produced in several languages. Different methods are possible: 

  • manually, on the basis of texts translated by you;
  • automatically via Google Translate or another platform;
  • via API, thanks to a third-party application;
  • via a partner to whom you entrust the translation of your texts (if you are interested in this subject, we tell you more in this Webinar with the translation specialist Textmaster).

Everything is planned to facilitate an international launch.

Reliable content thanks to validation by profession

To guarantee the reliability and quality of your product data before it is deployed, setting the desired properties, structured fields and validation steps will allow you to define the level of enrichment possible for each user. This functionality allows the definition of efficient workflows and secure collaboration of transversal teams on your product information:

  • Buyers / product managers will check the purchase and sales prices or commercial characteristics of the product;
  • Logistics will be able to validate stocks and transport conditions;
  • the quality and regulatory team will validate the technical characteristics, standards and certifications associated with the product (particularly in the food and cosmetics industry);
  • etc.

Each employee involved in the product creation chain can therefore validate the information previously entered, or tell his or her colleagues that the data needs to be reworked.


A collaborative tool, configurable user rights and workflows adapted to your business needs are the key to efficient and secure management of your product references. That's why Quable's PIM and DAM solution places particular emphasis on ergonomics, collaboration and business support.

Users of Quable's Product Information Management gain in operational performance and productivity, in the long run!

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