What is a PIM?

A PIM (Product Information Management) solution centralizes and consolidates all of your product information. You work on the information from a single base, then distribute it automatically to all channels.

The PIM for who ?

Marketing Teams

A single base for sharing and distributing quality product information widely

IT Teams

Full control of data and easy integration with the entire IS

E-Commerce Teams

Accelerated web distribution for higher conversion rates

Connect your products to your clients

that will delight your customers

Offer your clients an outstanding product experience

Provide a rich, high-quality product experience

Strengthens the relevance of customer interactions with information that is always up-to-date

Standardizes product information on every contact channel

that makes life easier for your teams

Motivate your teams want to work on your products

product data enrichment of all types (photos, content, SEO, etc.).

the aggregation of product information, including collections, multi-part offers, and cross-selling

publication on your existing channels and opens new ones

the international expansion of your sales