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Delivering the right information, at the right time, across all sales channels can be a tricky business in the fashion industry, which is strongly punctuated by seasons, collections and sales highlights. Petit Bateau has succeeded in doing just that, thanks to PIM.

million thanks to PIM
FTE per year reallocated to another task
Children's & adult fashion
Sales channels
Stores, websites, marketplaces, factory outlets, department stores...


Petit Bateau has specialized in children's textiles for almost 130 years. Founded in 1893 with the opening of the first St Joseph factory in Troyes, the brand has belonged to the Rocher Group since 1988. Petit Bateau is present not only in Europe, but also in Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

In France, Petit Bateau products are sold in supermarkets, on the brand's e-commerce site, in department stores, on marketplaces, in factory out lets and in a network of over 150 Petit Bateau boutiques, some of which collect and resell second-hand items.

The issues

Difficulties in getting products online on e-commerce sites

Product data and visuals not centralized, difficult to access. Data passed through Excel files, email exchanges, and had to be consulted in different systems.

Loss of data efficiency and reliability

Many actions were performed manually, products were categorized as we went along, based on item listings that were sometimes incorrect, some products were not categorized and therefore not sold, resulting in longer time-to-market, fewer conversions and lost sales.

Improving the customer experience

Product data and images presented to customers are sometimes incomplete or even erroneous, resulting in customer dissatisfaction or even complaints/returns (10% of customer service calls concerned this issue).

Solutions from PIM Quable

PIM Quable has enabled Petit Bateau's teams to deploy a high-quality, reliable product offering for their customers, but also for their in-house staff, so that they can become fully autonomous.

Optimal categorization management

Products are auto-categorized, dynamically in PIM , which is a real time-saver. Before, categorization was done manually, and then duplicated in other countries.

Better management of repeat customers

The mechanics of PIM automatically duplicate visuals and product information from the old product to the new one, created for the new season and/or collection, for better anticipation of online launches.

Maximizing data through completeness

Only " complete " products are put online (with description, photo, price), which prevents products from being sent to the website for which information is missing.

Quable has enabled Petit Bateau to :

Improve site conversion rate
Improve site conversion rate
Collections put online faster, with full product data.
Increase productivity with PIM
Increase productivity with PIM
By reallocating an FTE to another task, and reducing errors.
Collect, enrich and disseminate data
Collect, enrich and disseminate data
Thanks to an ergonomic, flexible, user-friendly, agile and scalable platform.

Don't hesitate to take the plunge and, above all, make sure you involve your business teams, and PIM Quable will make your life easier.

Sarah Colichet
IT Business Analyst
Don't hesitate to take the plunge and, above all, make sure you involve your business teams, and PIM Quable will make your life easier.
Sarah Colichet
IT Business Analyst

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