Divide the time spent on product referencing by 4

In the luxury sector, delivering the best product information with the highest quality is an absolutely necessary objective. For Lalique, the French crystal house, this priority meant complete data control, only possible thanks to PIM.

faster product referencing
FTE reallocated to another task
Shopify stores managed by a single connector
Luxury, home
Sales channels
Department stores, physical boutiques, website.


Founded in 1888 by the famous artist René Lalique, Lalique is today one of the jewels in the crown of French crystal-making. The Maison d'art offers creations in six fields: decorative objects,interior design, jewelry, perfumes,art andhotels & restaurants. All crystal pieces are made in Alsace, France, and sold worldwide. Today, Lalique sells its products in 40 of its own boutiques and resale outlets in 9 countries.

Lalique has chosen to equip itself with PIM Quable in order to fully control its product information and further develop the House's omnichannel strategy.

The issues

ERP referencing difficulties

Numerous disparate files, a lot of Excel work, which led to errors and/or duplication in the referencing.

Lack of collaboration between teams

Employees had little or no communication with each other on the tools previously available to the company.

Lack of control over product listing

Almost non-existent management of product data, and lack of visibility over processes for controlling and validating product information.

Solutions from PIM Quable

PIM Quable has enabled Lalique's teams to centralize data efficiently, giving them real control over product information.

Deploying an ultra-collaborative platform

The adoption of which was smooth thanks to a flexible PIM/DAM tool that was easily accessible to each employee, so that they could work efficiently and independently of teams.

A more fluid data model

A reworked data model to be able to set up simple, clear workflows: much more fluidity and speed in the input of article referencing.

Complete control over product referencing

Thanks to everything that has been developed in terms of dashboards, completeness, attributes, Quable Portal.

Quickly sell anywhere with the Shopify connector

By transferring new product references from Quable to Shopify in a matter of seconds. In this way, 5000 products per Shopify store are managed with the Quable & Shopify Plus connector.

Quable has enabled Lalique to :

Enter 30 references in 2 hours
Enter 30 references in 2 hours
Whereas without PIM, a whole day was devoted to it.
Responding to omnichannel strategy
Responding to omnichannel strategy
The brand with up-to-date information, across all sales channels.
Migrate from PIM open source to PIM Saas
Migrate from PIM open source to PIM Saas
To be fully autonomous on the platform.

Ultimately, we want to expand our use of PIM to make it the reference tool for our article base.

Pascal Lemeunier
Functional Projects Manager at Lalique
Ultimately, we want to expand our use of PIM to make it the reference tool for our article base.
Pascal Lemeunier
Functional Projects Manager at Lalique

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