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Harmonious collaboration between different teams, countries and languages is a major challenge for international companies. France's best-known tourist destination, Club Med, is now doing just that, without a hitch, thanks to PIM.

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The most popular tourist destination in France, Club Méditerranée has been inventing the all-inclusive vacation concept since its creation in 1950.

Today, the company employs over 20,000 people in more than 75 villages across 40 countries, as well as in offices in Paris, Lyon, Singapore, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Miami.

Pioneer of the "all inclusive" formula and world leader in its market, Club Med has chosen PIM tooptimize the digital management of its product information and the updating of content relating to its travel catalog offers, and to unify collaboration between its international teams.

The issues

An "inefficient" in-house solution

A complex, non-ergonomic platform that had a negative impact on productivity and was no longer sufficient to satisfy the brand's omnichannel ambitions.

Fragmented product information

Product data and information that are difficult to process and enrich, and managed with a great lack of flexibility and agility.

Lack of connectivity

An in-house solution not integrated with the ecosystem of internal and external solutions, resulting in a lack of fluidity and harmonization in exchanges.

Solutions from PIM Quable

PIM Quable has enabled Club Med teams to do everything directly from this single platform, promoting collaboration across the globe and making the Club Med experience unique on the customer side.

Set up a highly collaborative system

Product information is enriched by employees both in-house and around the world. Collaboration is thus encouraged at key moments in the Club Med business, with the opening of 5 new villages a year on average.

Increase simultaneous omnichannel distribution

Product information is automatically distributed to all sales channels: Club Med website, partners, tour operators... to make the Club Med experience unique, whatever the point of contact.

Facilitate data translation

Quable's platform and integrated module facilitate translation workflows. From this common base of translated content, Club Med products can be marketed quickly, anywhere.

Quable has enabled Club Med to :

Unifying a team of 300 employees
Unifying a team of 300 employees
Within the company and around the world.
Accelerate omnichannel distribution
Accelerate omnichannel distribution
And simultaneously.
Translate information into 35 languages
Translate information into 35 languages
So you can operate internationally.

We do everything directly from PIM Quable and collaboration is encouraged.

Joanna Mechineau
E-commerce Project Manager at Club Med
We do everything directly from PIM Quable and collaboration is encouraged.
Joanna Mechineau
E-commerce Project Manager at Club Med
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