The unmissable alliance of e-commerce: Quable & Shopify

The unmissable alliance of e-commerce: Quable & Shopify

We are happy, proud and excited to announce that theShopify app is now available! Now, the relevance of PIM in e-commerce is not to be proven anymore. On the contrary, PIM is THE ideal platform to propel your e-commerce activity. Coupled with Shopify, the power of this pairing will propel your online business, on all your markets. How do Quable and Shopify work together? How do you get the most out of this alliance? How is this synergy the perfect ally for your e-commerce strategy and your internationalization?

The ultimate e-commerce duo: Quable and Shopify

The Quable and Shopify alliance is a powerful complementarity between our two solutions that allow you to sell more, faster, easier, from anywhere and everywhere. 

Quable and Shopify have many similarities: both are SaaS platforms and are extremely flexible, so they can meet your specific needs (related to your industry, your business, the nature of our brand). Also, the implementation of workflows on the Quable platform and the Shopify platform allows to fluidify the processes between the teams, the departments and the employees of your brand. In concrete terms, the power of this duo lies in Quable's performance in quickly and easily feeding your sales channels on Shopify, in a fast and easy way, and all over the world.

This connector, between the world leader in CMS and e-commerce that is Shopify Plus, makes sense for brands seeking growth andinternationalization. In short, to acquire Quable and Shopify Plus is to give the full possibility to your brand to activate a powerful international e-commerce alliance, whether in store and/or online, at a lower cost and all turnkey.

Easy and quick integration

Shopify Plus is also the ability to deploy a powerful, comprehensive technology ecosystem, which of course includes Quable. You have the ability to connect the right systems and tools for your needs, thanks to flexible Shopify APIs and those of Shopify Plus partners. You can also use a display-less architecture to create fully customized storefronts on any smart screen.

Simply put, the Quable and Shopify connector is the ability to seamlessly integrate your PIM Quable platform with your Shopify stores, all in a few clicks, with no maintenance or development and at a lower cost.

An optimal management of your data

Your PIM platform becomes THE single source of reference for your product data. Product information is centralized in a single location, from which you can continuously enrich and systematically update it. The data is reliable and unified. Thus, the synchronization of your products is done immediately and you can easily map your PIM attributes with your Shopify data.

The management of your activity becomes more fluid, thanks to a coherent and harmonious data, on both platforms Quable and Shopify. It is now possible for you and your collaborators to follow and control the distribution of your data in real time, to be consistent on all your sales channels to maximize the quality of your product experience. You can now accelerate the distribution of your product sheets to sell more quickly and serenely.


Shopify e-commerce strategy Quable application


A seamless multi-market experience

Finally, the Shopify & Quable duo is the promise to expand your markets considerably and quickly. Creating multiple stores for your brand is done very quickly and easily from Shopify and at a lower cost to your business. With a fast supply of your channels with reliable and exhaustive product data and information, thanks to PIM, the product experience is fluid on all channels on the consumer side and on your company side at the same time.

By including very specific settings for your different markets (countries, regions...), customer and product experiences become 100% local, your content is managed and localized in a reliable and easy way. Moreover, managing the multi-store aspect is made much easier by Shopify Plus' dashboards, allowing you to get an overview of the sales of a particular store or all of them.

The synergy between Shopify Plus and Quable is the best thing for your business if you're looking to go international or expand this aspect of your sales strategy. Shopify Plus offers a wide range of tools and features that will directly facilitate your international business: the platform is capable of supporting multiple currencies, international order and payment processing, and offers tools specifically designed for internationalization.

Quable then steps in to diligently prepare your product data and facilitate the management of that data in advance for its next release to Shopify, and ultimately, your distribution channels. This ensures that product and media data is standardized, complete, in one place, and easily actionable. The data is the same everywhere, your omnichannel presence is consistent and your time-to-market is improved.

In no time at all, you create a powerful, seamless, multi-store experience across all your sales channels. You sell anywhere in the world, and your sales are guaranteed to grow. You are a global and local brand at the same time.


"To deploy Shopify in our stores, Quable's product sync is very easy to set up with this application. All the attributes we need are propagated to products and variants, all images are now available on our Shopify stores. Powerful filters allow us to publish what we decide using Quable completions and statuses, to selected sales channels. A magical option copies all the settings from one Shopify store to another store in one click, an incredible time saver. Quable's support team is very responsive and always provides good advice." - Pascal Lemeunier, CIO at Lalique.



You'll understand, and this is without false modesty: Quable and Shopify is the ultimate e-commerce alliance, if you want to reach more customers, sell quickly and easily, and do so anywhere in the world. Combined, our two platforms offer all brands robust, secure and scalable tools. The variety of features enhances the customer experience and streamlines the marketing and sales process in all your markets and stores. You get a turnkey solution for your e-commerce and internationalization strategy that allows you to create truly personalized shopping experiences to launch your products quickly and sell every time.

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