Pim2Catalog X Quable: Targeted catalogs, 2x more efficiency

Pim2Catalog X Quable: Targeted catalogs, 2x more efficiency

In the demanding world of marketing and product management, time is often of the essence. The need to build impactful catalogs while meeting the specific needs of customer segments can be a challenge. This is where the synergy between Pim2Catalog and Quable comes into its own, offering a dynamic solution to speed up the process while effectively targeting your customer base.

Build fast with Pim2Catalog

Pim2Catalog, as a catalog publishing solution, integrates perfectly with Quable, a trusted PIM (Product Information Management) system. Together, they form a strong team to automate catalog creation. Imagine being able to build a catalog layout twice as fast as before. With Pim2Catalog, this vision becomes reality.

Seamless integration allows you to make optimum use of the product data in the PIM Quable solution. Creating a customized tree structure for each catalog becomes a simplified task, while ensuring consistent product presentation. Pim2Catalog's advanced functionality facilitates page layout, enabling efficient catalog design without compromising quality.

Targeted Catalogues, Satisfied Customers

One of Pim2Catalog's strengths is its ability to create targeted catalogs for specific customer segments. Rather than producing generic catalogs, the tool enables extensive personalization. The automatic addition of clickable zones offers intuitive navigation, facilitating interaction with content and meeting the varied expectations of your customers.

Zero-error, 100% efficient: the benefits of automated page layout in InDesign

Automated page layout in InDesign offers remarkable efficiency, avoiding frequent human errors. Automating the process minimizes the risk of inconsistencies, omissions or typos, ensuring smooth visual production. This approach not only speeds up document creation, but also guarantees consistent quality, freeing up time to concentrate on creative and strategic aspects. Automate to prevent, for a worry-free layout.

Quable and Pim2catalog, a powerful synergy for marketing professionals

In short, this joint use represents a dynamic and effective alliance, ideal for marketing and product management experts. By building twice as fast, and offering the ability to automate catalog layout, this solution opens up new perspectives for an effective approach to product marketing. Don't let time stand in your way. Boost your catalog strategy with Pim2Catalog and Quable. Save time and increase efficiency to create customized catalogs that meet your customers' needs.

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