Personalize shopping experiences to better convert with Nosto

Personalize shopping experiences to better convert with Nosto

Impatience and volatility of online shoppers, acquisition costs constantly increasing... e-retailers know it: the personalization of shopping experiences is the new Eldorado in physical stores but also and especially online.

Nosto, a company of Finnish origin, and created by e-retailers, was originally intended to establish product recommendations based on algorithms giving the possibility to convert into cross-sell. With 200 employees, offices in Helsinki, New-York, London, Paris, Berlin, and recently Sydney, Nosto can boast of a flawless global presence, and a dynamic market with many retail customers (Eden Park, Le Tanneur, Lidl, HP, Columbia...) as well as many e-commerce partners that we no longer need to introduce (Prestashop, Shopifyplus, Salesforce...).

Nosto's mission: to create personalized shopping experiences

With the help of numerous technological integrations: e-learning, algorithms... Nosto offers several solutions and products that allow you to stay one step ahead of your current or future buyers and subsequently build their loyalty. In short, Nosto helps e-merchants to decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate by 10% to 30% on average thanks to A/B testing, catalog explorer, insights and recommendations, product recommendations, personalized emails... etc.

Today, an e-merchant without Nosto only has access to transactional data between its customers and its products, but does not have access to behavioral data, which represents on average 98% of the data of a merchant website, and which allows to personalize the online shopping experience .

Personalized shopping experience

  • How does it work?

When you arrive on a site, and you give your consent regarding cookies, actors like Nosto can record your behavior towards products on the site. Then, when you return to the site, the products you interacted with are offered again, or new products are shown to you based on your affinities from previous visits to the site.

Leveraging PIM to personalize shopping experiences

As plug & play technologies, Nosto and Quable perfectly complement each other with a single goal: to make the experience of your visitors and future buyers as personalized as possible . In order to push and recommend products according to visitors' behaviors, Nosto needs information (product data, descriptions, visuals, media, compositions...) that is reliable, of high quality and systematically updated, which is the core business of the PIM Quable solution. Product recommendations are crucial for sales: they represent about 10% of the merchant's revenue and canincrease the conversion rate by 10 to 30%.

Personalize your shopping experience Nosto Quable

The relevance of the Nosto/Quable association lies in the fact that it provides all the product information (quality product sheets, for example) to maximize the personalization of the shopping experience afterwards, based on a solid base of product information, provided by the PIM Quable.


A customer who visits your site for the first time or a loyal customer who no longer counts the number of visits to your site, will therefore not see the same products and the same information. His buying experience will be personalized according to his tastes and behavior, and the relevance of this right personalization also relies on reliable and qualitative data that the PIM solution provides in this situation.

The Quable/Nosto duo, therefore, guarantees the most personalized and therefore the most relevant shopping experience possible. What results can we expect? More consistent average shopping baskets, an increased conversion rate and a growing transformation rate.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to ask for a free demo!

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