The best articles of the year 2022

The best articles of the year 2022

Not surprisingly, the year 2022 is coming to an end and gives us the opportunity to distill for you the best content and articles that you enjoyed the most. Between e-commerce, product, PIM, customer portal and digitalized catalog in B2B, the topics are diverse but all have at least one point in common; the PIM.

How to build the product repository that accelerates your sales?

Regardless of your industry, product catalogs are constantly evolving, and consequently so are the number of products and data related to them. Taking care of your product repository is therefore crucial to optimize efforts and control product information throughout the product's life cycle. The product repository must be built with the appropriate tools to facilitate data management and use.

How to create a perfect lookbook?

A real reference base for your products, the lookbook gives rhythm and vibrancy to the changing seasons and collections, whether in fashion, furniture, accessories, etc. Imperative to highlight your products according to several themes and trends, lookbooks are nevertheless subject to universal constraints such as cost, deadlines, quality but also flexibility. But how to create a lookbook from PIM and automate its realization to gain in efficiency and time?

How did Blissim develop its omnichannel strategy?

A symbol of French success in the cosmetics industry, and a pioneer in the box market, the Blissim brand has established itself as a reference in terms of online pure player. Making the phygital a pillar in its development strategy and a real enrichment of its customer experience, Blissim's story is a perfect example of a well executed omnichannel strategy that pays off.

How to make a perfect product sheet for your e-commerce?

As a key element in the purchasing process, the product sheet must be perfect. Consumers are constantly looking for more and more precise and transparent information: origins of raw materials, manufacturing process..., so how can you guarantee the quality of your product sheets? What software should you use to create your product sheets and what are the best practices to integrate?

Who are the product content managers? What do they do?

Content has become king within companies and therefore product content managers are kings and queens. At the crossroads between marketing and product, content managers are key in your e-commerce strategy. With a three-part mission, their daily work is greatly facilitated by the use of specific tools such as PIM.

Product data PIM DAM ERP

ERP and PIM : from the macro vision to the product vision

Sharing a crucial objective: that of guaranteeing the infallibility of product information,ERP and PIM have now become inseparable for e-tailers wishing to develop a successful omnichannel strategy. The tandem PIM/ERP is more than relevant for products to gain in efficiency and production, thanks in particular to the automation processes.

PIM and MDM: should they be dissociated?

Once again, data is king at the heart of companies, directly helping them to develop their omnichannel strategy and growth. Consequently, the management of this data: customer knowledge, automation and process optimization... are all important key points for data rationalization. When it comes to tools, there is no shortage of them, but how to get all their benefits? How can you make the most of the complementarity between PIM and MDM?

From PLM to PIM : mastering your end-to-end product lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and PIM share the same goals: to make your products a reliable source of business. Offering the possibility to efficiently manage your products, from their creation to their distribution, the PLM/PIM pairing improves the customer journey and the brand experience, thanks to a perfect control of the product information supply chain. Used in the right way, this pairing allows companies to considerably reduce Time to Market in all phases of the product life cycle. How to combine PLM and PIM in a relevant way? How can they be used to best advantage in order to have total control over their products?

Create the ideal dashboard to monitor the creation of product content

For each new product, there is an appropriate content, which will be referenced in your product catalog, distributed on your channels... and it must be reliable and qualitative. Inexorably, the creation of this content involves many different teams, requiring fluid and efficient workflows, which pertinently enrich the content produced. This is precisely where the dashboard comes in : allowing you to optimize the production of the content in question in order to control the product data. How can PIM help you in this direction by creating the ideal dashboard?

E-commerce & Agec law; what does it change for you?

From January 1st 2023, the Agec law comes into force. You are an e-merchant with a turnover of more than 50 million euros per year and you sell at least 25 000 products per year on the French market? Then you are directly concerned by the implementation of this law. What are the penalties for not complying with this law? How can PIM help you to comply quickly?

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