Discover a Customer eXperience Manager Interview

Discover a Customer eXperience Manager Interview

The entire Quable team would like to express its solidarity with its customers, users, technology partners, readers and visitors of this site. We sincerely hope that your loved ones are doing well and that you are staying the course despite the obstacles. In the face of the difficulties encountered - on the health, social and economic fronts - organisation is the order of the day. Quable, through its CXM (Customer Experience Manager) team, has directly multiplied the points of contact with its user customers to better understand the work that awaits us all in the coming weeks.

We interviewed Jérôme Denis-Linton, Customer eXperience Manager at Quable, to better understand the challenges of this period for our customers, but also for our teams.

"Jérôme, what are the current challenges for our clients? »

Several challenges come up regularly:

- The implementation of telework

- Organisation of leave or reduction of activity

- The evolution of the daily work or "Run

- Crisis management

- Strategic re-planning for the remainder of the year

A final challenge is often mentioned at the time of these upheavals: among my ecosystem of partners, "who works, and how? ».

The imposed confinement exposes a palpable feeling of loneliness in our users. The Quable team is committed to multiplying the points of contact and to accompanying its customers more and more Now, during and after this period.

"What is the state of Quable services? Should we expect a drop in activity? »

On the contrary, the services are 100% operational and all our teams are mobilised to help our clients succeed in each of these challenges.

In brief:

All Quable solutions are available

All services are maintained

The team tour :

Product team: strong acceleration on the initially planned roadmap

Development team: velocity at a premium

Project team: remote project management for our clients in the onboarding phase

Support team: usual activity

Sales team : product demonstrations provided and availability for new requests

As for the CXM team, the support of our users and clients is reinforced during the period. My colleagues and I are fully playing our role as "business partners" for Club Med. by answering questions that involve Quable solutions in our customers' ecosystems (as we did for Club Med for example).

"In this context, have you seen an evolution in the way we work with our clients? »

While the usual day-to-day tasks are disrupted, we see an impressive proactivity in planning for a way out of the crisis for our clients. Teams spend more time on substantive, strategic issues.

Companies like Quable need to meet these critical needs. We have decided to maintain our workforce to :

- Meet all key milestone dates announced to our clients in advance.

- To significantly accelerate the implementation of our solutions for each of them

For Undiz in particular, we have maintained the date of launch regardless of the current context.

In order to adapt our services to current working conditions, we have developed our collaboration formats:

- Distance learning workshops that work and offer the same benefits as physical workshops

- A support methodology that has been designed as a "tele-boarding".

- Tailor-made training for users to enable them to get to grips with the new features and to discuss new possibilities of using Quable solutions.

"Finally Jérôme, how do you explain that Quable can adapt quickly to this kind of situation? »

Quable's culture is deeply inspired by SaaS and the ability to access the content you want from anywhere. The teams have, from the start of the adventure, become accustomed to working remotely and are equipped to perform any task while communicating continuously. For our clients, it is an opportunity to discover our methodology and to appreciate the continuity of our work despite the context of uncertainty.

"A final word? »

Yes, absolutely. Of course, I talk to the teams internally every day and I am galvanised by their total commitment to our customers and their unwavering motivation to deal with this exceptional situation.

The only thing we want is for Quable and its customers to come out of this period stronger.

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