How to improve your product sheets with PQS? Infographic

How to improve your product sheets with PQS? Infographic

The product sheet is the reflection of your brand. It's how your company attracts potential customers or, on the contrary, scares them away, risking damage to your image...
So don't neglect them! Visit
product data is the backbone of your e-commerce site, but how do you how can you manage it effectively?
To help you understand the importance of a
quality product sheet and to help you optimize it, Quable has developed its own evaluation algorithm: the Product Quality Score (PQS) 👉 Discover it in pictures.


Did you know that?

  • 30% of Internet users have already abandoned a shopping basket because of an incomplete product description.
  • 86% of customers say they would not repeat a purchase from an e-retailer with inaccurate descriptions. 

This is particularly true in the fashion sector where 1 in 4 consumers have returned a garment because of a bad description.

What is the PQS? 

The Product Quality Score is a tool developed by Quable to evaluate the quality of your product sheets. How does it work?

  1. Based on a URL, we collect a sample of product listings (up to 500) on your website or online shop. 
  2. These records are then analysed by our algorithm to assign them an overall quality score. 
  3. You get personalised recommendations according to the 4 main criteria.  

4 quality criteria analysed

  • Quality of the text: grammar, spelling...  
  • Text length: in line with SEO recommendations
  • Key information: product composition, raw materials, place of manufacture, etc.
  • Media assets: photos, videos of the product... 

Our recommendations to improve your score

  • The optimal length of the description is between 350 and 400 characters 
  • Your descriptions should include information on their composition, manufacture and use
  • Text quality! The spelling of your product sheets must be systematically checked before publication
  • If possible, the files should contain at least 3 images and not exceed 500 KB

Adopt a solution PIM !

To ensure that all your branded content is properly synchronized, adopt a PIM (Product Information Management) solution.  

  • Collaborative working is facilitated by a single management platform.
  • The risk of errors is limited by the centralisation of product data. 
  • The completeness of all your sales channels is simply checked.

Why calculate your PQS?

  • To have an objective assessment of the quality of your product sheets. 
  • To identify your strengths and weaknesses - and the levers to activate for more effective product sheets!  
  • Because the relevance of product information is key to the customer buying experience. 

From this audit, you will be able to optimize the quality of your records more easily, particularly with a view to collaborative management in a PIM. 

I want to calculate my PQS!

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