Generate your FAB DIS efficiently with Quable & Daiteo

Generate your FAB DIS efficiently with Quable & Daiteo

Some companies find it difficult to keep their technical product data up to date and reliable. The stakes are high for some sectors in particular (DIY, tools, industry...), which need to comply with very strict standards in terms of product data format. This is the case for companies concerned by FAB DIS files, where the major concern is how to centralize product data from suppliers.

What is the FAB DIS format?

FAB DIS files are files in a certain format for exchanging product data between manufacturers (hence the "FAB") and distributors (DIS). In simple terms, this is also referred to as the FAB DIS standard, which is similar to an Excel format resulting from consultation between industrialists/negociants and manufacturers.

This format is often used in the construction, electrical, DIY and industrial sectors. 

It meets a number of objectives, such as saving precious time by simplifying and speeding up product data referencing, and guaranteeing reliable and complete access to systematically updated product data.

In concrete terms, a FAB DIS file is an Excel file containing several blocks of different data, some mandatory and others not. It lists product information relating to sales, logistics, marketing, regulations, etc. Today, the FAB DIS format has been adopted more generally in the trade and distribution sector.

PIM and FAB DIS file generation 

Generating FAB DIS files manually is often a titanic and time-consuming task. And yet, this file is essential for industry professionals.

Generating FAB-DIS files by hand is often a daunting and time-consuming task. And yet, this file is essential for industry professionals.

That's why Quable and our partner Daiteo a native connector to generate your precious FAB DIS files in just a few clicks. Daiteo is the solution for manufacturers enabling them to generate their product, media and pricing data in any format, and then distribute it to all their customers.

PIM Quable Daiteo file FAB DIS manufacturer distributor matrix Excel

As a result, the generation of your FAB DIS files is instantaneous and completely secure.

The Quable and Daiteo connector enables : 

  • Automate the generation of your FAB-DIS files,
  • Export your generated files thanks to automation,
  • Maintain complete and qualitative control of your product data,
  • Optimize and improve the product experience for your end customers.

The connector with Daiteo works like a flow connector: the data modeled on the PIM Quable are then retrieved by Daiteo and transformed into FAB DIS format, thanks to the mapping system present on the Daiteo solution.

The FAB-DIS matrix is a standardized matrix used by many players (Rexel, Sonepar, PointP, etc.) but not generally by DIY store operators, who have their own matrix.

Daiteo integrates native management of the FAB-DIS format into its tool (precisely because it is a standard), but is also capable of automating the filling of any type of referencing matrix. 

To achieve these objectives, the connector set up with Daiteo has several functions:

  • Pre-configured FAB DIS matrices (FAB-DIS, BMECat),
  • Native management of ETIM classification (Daiteoe is a member of ETIM France), 
  • A powerful mapping tool that automates the filling of all other specific matrices (GSB, GSA...), as does our joint customer Intuis.

The main advantage of using the connector directly with Daiteo is the ability to quickly generate a multionglet file perfectly adapted to the standards and regulations of the FAB DIS format. Using the Daiteo connector is also a guarantee of quality, as the solution is recognized by the industry. FAB DIS inside by the FAB DIS standard itself. Choosing the Daiteo connector also means choosing experts in the generation of FAB DIS based on a PIM like Quable's as a direct receptacle for clean data.

Interested in the Quable and Daiteo connector? Ask for your free demo!

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