Omnichannel at your fingertips with PIM & free DAM

Omnichannel at your fingertips with PIM & free DAM

When it comes to better managing product data, improving its quality and deploying it quickly across sales channels, we often think:

  • I don't have that many products and my current processes are working well or poorly... I've seen a few solutions that would help me but they are unaffordable and too advanced for my use... I don't have a good grasp of the benefits it could bring me and I have much higher priority projects that will develop my turnover...

What if we could just get started with a Product Information Management solution (PIM)... for free?! or even a DAM ?

At Quable, we have taken this decision to allow you to face the challenges of product data in the best conditions and to allow you to finally have an opinion on the subject. Like you, we are convinced that "pay to test" is over. Let's take a look at the advantages of such an offer for your business.

Get rid of Excel and familiarise yourself with a solution that is truly dedicated to your product data

We love Excel too. Endless possibilities, a solution for every problem, it's true. But is it really a tool designed to manage your product data?

Drawer files, hair-raising formulas in a language that the marketing and product teams do not always master, input errors, overlapping file versions... Our users are not really nostalgic when they remember these tedious processes.

Starting with a PIM as a free starter will allow you to continue your current work methodology while challenging the ability of PIM to perform the same tasks. The highlight of PIM is its ability to centralize. You will enjoy going to a single place dedicated to working with product data and no longer resort to flying files, emails, ftp servers, multiple imports and exports.

What about the risk of error? Don't think about it, everything is recorded and listed in the same place. Consult the versions, the modifications and above all, work in collaborative mode on a single tool, updated in real time.

Orchestrate product data work and get business teams to collaborate

Set up a work process that is close to automation while maintaining a level of flexibility to perfectly adapt PIM to your organization. Place the cogs that will facilitate the work of those who work with the product information, from the creation of the reference to its sale on the different channels.

The free starter offer is a good way to assess whether you gain fluidity and speed over this period of time. Quantifying this time is one of the ROI measures you can compare with your current organisation. So who has the best Time-to-Market?

One of the benefits regularly mentioned by PIM users is the increased collaboration between teams. The alert systems allow to push information in real time that launches and closes new actions to be taken. The organization is like clockwork!

PIM B2B ally

A free PIM to deploy your business at full speed

With a good, reliable and well-functioning structure, you are more confident about the future. When you start up your PIM for free, you can evaluate the time saved daily by the business teams. In your current processes, chances are that this time is allocated to boring tasks, with little added value for your sales. At the end of the day, that's what matters: the business.

Now, thanks to PIM, the teams can recycle this time saved to benefit sales:

Also, take advantage of this path to appreciate the prospects for improvement of the quality of your product repository. You will be able to easily add new bricks to your product sheets, data appreciated by your customers, that you did not have the time or possibility to integrate until now. Let's not forget that consumers are constantly changing their habits and your challenge is to be responsive to the market.

Finally, we have a challenge for you!

The lifeblood of business is measurement and ROI. To help you, here is a roadmap to ask yourself the right questions when using Quable PIM for free.

Compared to your usual organisation :

  • Productivity: how much time/task does each team save per day?
  • Time to market: how long does it take from the creation of the product reference to its release for sale?
  • Roadmap: how many channels do you expect to open in a year?

Welcome aboard Quable PIM !

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