Stand out in e-commerce: the Synolia & Quable duo

Stand out in e-commerce: the Synolia & Quable duo

Thinking outside the box to stand out in the e-commerce market is Synolia's winning philosophy. As an agency PIM & e-commerce, Synolia helps its numerous clients (Peugeot Saveurs, Cléor, APC, among others) to develop a controlled and unified customer experience, directly generating growth.

The digital experience the Synolia way

Synolia's expertise includes Business Intelligence, CRM and, above all, PIM ! Expertise supported by a strategic vision of each client's projects, as well as adapted advice from Synolia. When the numerous digital tools available to companies are infinite, relevant and precise advice in line with your growth objectives is essential. Combining functional and technical experience with a high value-added consulting dimension, Synolia provides a unique combination of solutions tailored to your needs, allowing you to reach and exceed your goals.

From auditing and consulting to the project management phase, Synolia accepts this type of challenge in a hyper-competitive ecosystem by thinking outside the box. In total, more than 250 clients have been supported by the agency and have been able to offer themselves new perspectives for development and growth.

Why Synolia and Quable?

Maximizing Synolia's "Digitale Experience platform", our PIM/DAM platform continues to bring innovation and performance to product information, for our first common client: Le Marquier. The brand needs to centralize its product-related data in order to distribute it efficiently across all its sales channels. Le Marquier also has great ambitions for the coming years and its ability to open new channels and improve product information on existing channels. With Synolia as a partner, the brand knows that PIM Quable will be perfectly integrated into Le Marquier's IS.


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Quable's PIM and Synolia's e-commerce expertise are aimed at all brands that want to deliver a unique and unified customer experience across all sales channels.

With support, at the heart of e-commerce concerns, on the Synolia side as well as on the Quable side, the choice of this duo is the guarantee of a flawless and meticulous project management, to deliver the best of your products and services for your customers.

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