Why deploy a global product strategy with PIM/DAM?

Why deploy a global product strategy with PIM/DAM?

With a presence in more than 130 countries, 3 pioneering brands in the cosmetics and skincare sector and a daily production of more than 600,000 products, the NAOS group is a flagship in its industry. Last week, members of the group's IT department gave us their testimony during a webinar, the theme of which was as follows: How the NAOS group deployed its global strategy thanks to the couple PIM (Quable) & DAM (Keepeek)?

NAOS and the group's challenges

The NAOS group owns the Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur brands in the skin care and hygiene sector. With products essentially manufactured in France, the group has deployed 4 websites in more than 50 countries and manages 1000 product references.

Before the implementation of PIM & DAM, the NAOS group had no tool to manage its product information and, concerning DAM, only two brands out of three (Institut Esthederm and Bioderma) had their own platform. This situation created a lack of reliability of the product data, whether at the PIM or DAM level, the data was present everywhere and scattered on different Excel files and local servers, and the teams did not necessarily know which file was the latest. Also, employees were wasting a lot of time finding the right information and, more importantly, finding the right, reliable, quality information. Finally, differences in content remained between the different tools and websites between countries.


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To summarize, the group was facing a real problem in terms of its digital transformation, the management of assets between the different subsidiaries and the veracity of information related to products (especially the regulatory aspect of product compositions, a crucial point in the cosmetics sector).

"The interest in bringing a PIM and a DAM? That everyone has the same level of information at the same time and to ensure that the group can implement a relevant workflow associated with the implementation of product information", Stéphane Bienaimé, IT and Digital Project Manager at NAOS.

The path from NAOS to the choice of the couple PIM & DAM

The group was aware of its functional and technical needs to manage its product information and its media. The idea of equipping itself with a single PIM and DAM for the entire group and its brands came up very quickly, in order to"move forward with data as a group and to ensure that the brands no longer work in silos," according to Caroline Gudin, Product Owner Digital Assets at NAOS. Following a call for tenders, NAOS chose Quable's PIM and Keepeek's DAM because this pairing completely met the pre-established specifications and, importantly, the group absolutely needed two platforms that could handle multi-country andinternational operations, with 40 subsidiary countries, some of which have several languages, such as Belgium, for example.



Today, PIM Quable is used by 250 people, including 150 contributors, to manage 500 product sheets. With the processing and management of the media carried out by the Keepeek DAM upstream, the PIM offers the group the possibility of consolidating all the product information and sending it to the e-commerce sites so that they are systematically updated throughout the world.

The benefits of PIM and DAM

First of all, the NAOS group has gained considerably in efficiency because it has been able to set up internal processes, common to all three brands and with few specificities between the brands. The teams have gained in productivity because the information is now up to date, validated and true, and there is no longer any doubt as to its veracity, reliability and quality.


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"We were able to easily deploy our 4 sites (Ask NAOS, Bioderma, Etat Pur and Esthederm) worldwide in a standardized way thanks to the standardized APIs and connections that the platforms offer," according to Caroline.

Data consistency as a group is very important to NAOS, as it has been around since (only) 2016 and still has some way to go but can do so easily, by creating cohesion via a common tool across all three brands; the PIM & DAM pair.

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