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How to manage your distribution network with a PIM ? The example of Arc

The Arc Group's presence extends around the world, with factories in the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates and sales in virtually every country. It markets its products under 5 main brands: Luminarc®, Arcopal™, Cristal d'Arques® Paris, Arcoroc® and Chef&Sommelier® as well as private labels. Today, the group relies on a Quable Portal brand portal to inform and animate its distribution network, sales teams and even press agencies. Through this webinar, Benoît Lamamy (Chief Content Officer) and Julien Tonnel (Integrator Project Manager) of the Arc Group will give a feedback on the solution.

You will discover

  • How was the portal set up?

  • How do the group's employees make it their own?

  • What are the benefits for the users of the portal?

  • How was the transfer of information facilitated?