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Accelerate the distribution of your product data in FABDIS format with PIM

Product data management has undergone a small revolution with the arrival of PIM (product information management) software, which has considerably simplified the processes of the teams that manage this data on a daily basis (marketing, technical, etc.). By increasing the quality of data and facilitating its distribution, PIM is a real springboard for boosting digital sales in both BtoB and BtoC.

This webinar will include

The industry sector is exposed to several obstacles and irritants related to the management of its product data: manual management of product catalogues is time-consuming for its teams, the need to bring its data into compliance with regulations, and the conversion of its data into specific formats in order to be able to share it with its distributors, such as FAB-DIS.

Zento and Quable have expertise in PIM solutions with more than 20 joint references from major groups. To remove the obstacles specific to the industry and accelerate the time to market of industrial manufacturers, they have combined their expertise and offer a demonstration of the FAB-DIS Plug-in.