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What is BigCommerce and why use Quable?

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BigCommerce: an ambitious platform

BigCommerce is a complete e-commerce solution for managing your online shop.

It has resources that go beyond a classic CMS: SEO, Analytics, financial flow management, Web marketing... This allows it to be versatile in terms of ERP and CRM while offering a convincing CMS.

Thanks to BigCommerce, you will be able to open your site online without the need for technical skills: this solution offers a back office that is easy to use and allows each person to set up their e-commerce as they see fit. This solution is used by nearly 95,000 online sales sites around the world.

The disadvantage is mainly its price, which is still quite expensive compared to some of its competitors.

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Quable: the PIM solution designed for

Our solution integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce allowing you to centralize, standardize and redistribute your product information directly into the CMS. Quable supports the integration of your data via APIs, making it easy to import and export data between our PIM and your ecosystem.

Accelerate the distribution of your product sheets on all your sales channels and gain flexibility to succeed in your high points of business.

Manage the distribution of your product data on all your web channels and ensure the consistency of your omnichannel presence while improving your Time-To-Market (TTM)!

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They have already adopted Quable

"Quable allows us to enhance the relevance of the customer interaction with up-to-date information. It provides a rich and qualitative product experience."

Clarisse C. - Berluti

"With Quable, contributors save precious time and the time-to-market has been drastically reduced: less than 24 hours to put 7 channels online."

Vincent D. - Jennyfer

"Quable's PIM allowed us to structure our product repository and launch our e-commerce site in less than 3 weeks."

David D. - Stokomani