PIM as the nerve center of the marketing organization

To meet the challenges of an omnichannel distribution strategy, high volumes and an intense online rhythm, the Jennyfer ready-to-wear brand managed to put its products online in 24 hours, instead of a week previously without PIM.

references created/week
photos uploaded/week
Women's fashion
100 000
Sales channels
Physical stores, website (12 distribution channels)


Founded in 1985, Jennyfer is a French ready-to-wear brand that manufactures and sells its products online, in over 200 boutiques in France and 100 internationally.

With more than 10,000 product references per year, the brand's priority, thanks to PIM Quable, is to get its products online as quickly as possible in order to reduce time-to-market.

The issues

An unmaintained product repository

Titles, descriptions, images and classifications were not kept up to date, leading to errors and disrupting the brand's communication with its customers.

No collaborative process

The information produced required different departments and professions (Purchasing, Photo Studio, Marketing, E-commerce) to work together, and exchanges between them were not fluid.

A fast-paced business

An activity strongly linked to changes in pace (end-of-year holidays, sales, season launches, capsule collections... etc.) leading to an overload of work during these periods.

Solutions from PIM Quable

The PIM solution has enabled Jennyfer's teams to streamline workflows and collaboration processes, even during peak business periods.

Reliable catalog quality

Media transmission is reliable and automated to guarantee optimum quality of product sheets.

Optimizing contributors' time

PIM requires very little in-house effort, and everything can be easily plugged in. Thanks to workflows, everyone knows what needs to be done, how and when.

A smoother process

No product is missed, and the entire offering is brought to market 7 times faster than before, without PIM.

Quable has enabled Jennyfer to :

Cut time-to-market by a factor of 7
Cut time-to-market by a factor of 7
A product goes online in 24 hours instead of a week, without PIM.
Manage over 300 references per week
Manage over 300 references per week
By organizing their data and automatically distributing it.
12 distribution channels
12 distribution channels
To operate internationally and omnichronically.

An indicator of the success of PIM ? I'm much less busy, everything's running smoothly.

IT and Digital Director at Jennyfer
An indicator of the success of PIM ? I'm much less busy, everything's running smoothly.
IT and Digital Director at Jennyfer

A PIM to bring products online at high speed

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