The Quable SDK: presentation

The Quable SDK: presentation

What is an SDK? SDK stands for Software Development Kit, and in concrete terms it's a set of tools for accelerating the development of new applications and integrations.

At Quable, we have developed a specific SDK to meet the needs and requirements of technology partners and integrators as well as users of the PIM solution.

The SDK for PIM Quable SDK is built around 6 modules.


The Quable Partner module is a portal for integrator and/or technology partners wishing to create applications linked to PIM Quable. As a partner, the module enables you to : 

  • Manage your PIM Quable instances,
  • Create and test Quable applications,
  • Put your applications into production,
  • Manage your integration team,
  • Set up a Stripe payment account,
  • Monitor application activity (installation, payment, errors, etc.).

You can access it via this link:

And find the full documentation here:

Quable Partner Portal

‍Quable API Customers

This is a set of libraries for integrators working with PIM without being connected to it, intended for all integrators who interact and manipulate PIM but are not connected to it. It includes classes and functions pre-written in a specific programming language." All this is designed to simplify access and interaction with an external API.

We provide 2 essential tools: 

PIM Data Aggregator

Many customers repeat the same code every time they want to extract data from PIM. The PIM Data Integrator module simplifies the extraction of data from PIM Quable through export files (media, product links, products, variants). The module aggregates this data to generate consolidated product files in JSON format. This data is more practical and appropriate for marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

Find full documentation for PIM Data Aggregator here:

Quable App Kit

Quable App Kit provides two sub-modules: 

  • Quable App Template is an application template that facilitates the work of developers by offering time-saving security and session management mechanisms. Documentation available at:


The SDK is accompanied by clear, comprehensive and detailed documentation, as well as video tutorials, essential for understanding our tools and enabling you to :

  • See our tips for using the SDK effectively.
  • Speed up the integration process and minimize the learning curve for newcomers.
  • Respond to different learning preferences with written and visual resources.

Quable Billing

It's an easy-to-use module for efficiently securing payments in your application, facilitated by our partnership with Stripe. 

The module provides a method for both recurring and one-off payments, while offering a high level of customization such as the payment volume option. As a result, Quable partners can directly manage invoicing with this module.

Find full documentation here:

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