Quable launches Quable App store for connectivity

Quable launches Quable App store for connectivity

At the end of 2022, Quable will officially launch the Quable App Storea kind of "store" or "marketplace", like Apple or Android, to download and use all the applications you need and that will make your life easier, combined with the use of PIM. A feature, which is actually much more than that. The Quable App store will save you time in settings and connectivity with all the other features, and especially reduce your costs. How does it work? What does it change? We explain it all here.

What is the Quable App Store?

Theapp store by Quable is just like when you download applications from your smartphone, boosting and facilitating your life from your phone. Except here, it's for the PIM. The brand-new Quable Store gives you access to all Quable Apps and connectors, enabling you to connect to other ecosystems. 

Of course, in the future, more and more applications and connectors are likely to appear on the store, to meet all the connectivity that brands want (and deserve). Also, custom applications not found on PIM can also be integrated and set up from the Quable App Store with the "App custom" feature, which some of our customers already use, such as the Maison Lalique for example. Simply put, Quable delivers the API and you are connected.

A Quable App is like a third-party application that provides additional functionality directly in PIM. These Quables Apps allow your partners and external stakeholders to have direct access to all the services of PIM, in a secure manner for all contributors.

Before/after the blind: what does it change?

Before, or rather now, the Quable App Store replaces the Addons & Modules page, currently on your PIM instance. However, it is "only" a page presenting all the functionalities you can connect to your PIM, such as Textmaster, Shopify or CraftmyPDF, to name a few. 

Currently, to connect applications, brands using PIM Quable must do the connection and setup manually. Sometimes the use of automation platforms is required, such as make, workflow creator, process and automation.

The fact that the data exports, the creation of the automatisms, the file in an ETL before integrating it in an application like Shopify for example, represents a time-consuming process, because of these different successive steps. This kind of current process also generates additional costs from integrators, an additional point solved, thanks to the Quable App Store.

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The Quable App Store really boosts the connectivity of your e-commerce ecosystem by further strengthening the synergy between your third-party applications and, at the same time, by making exchanges between your contributors, your external parties and your partners more fluid. 

Where did the creation of this new Quable App Store functionality come from? From you, from our customers, we never stop repeating it, the PIM is evolving and flexible, hence this evolution precisely, responding to the needs of our customers and brands in demand.

In fact, the Quable App Store is just one more proof that we are listening to our customers, and co-creating the PIM, with them.

Interested in the Quable App Store? Request your free demo.

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