United States: Quable and Datadome to take off soon

United States: Quable and Datadome to take off soon

Quable is proud to be selected by BPI France among the 12 companies that will participate in the French Tech Tour America 2018. From 9 to 19 October, our founders will be in full immersion in the heart of the American market.

New York first, then San Francisco. These two technological hubs are essential for any company considering setting up a business on the other side of the Atlantic. While business meetings with potential clients or local partners are highly anticipated, one of the main objectives is to become familiar with the American market and master its codes. The 12 companies will be working hard to put the finishing touches to a strategic plan to conquer this market.

The numerous business meetings planned will allow Quable to gauge the American appetite for its SaaS PIM while structuring its commercial approach. A great opportunity to prepare a future implementation.

DataDome: the other company of the class of 2018

Digital teams are too often confronted with non-human problems: unwanted scraping of their data, fake web traffic driven by bots or crippling hacking. Datadome anticipates, protects and measures these issues to streamline marketing decisions.

"DataDome announced in early 2018 a 2.5 million in funding from its historical from its historical Business Angels, the accelerator 50 Partners and the entrepreneurial fund ISAI, with the main objective of continuing our international expansion. The United States offers great prospects in the field of cybersecurity and online application performance management (websites and APIs), due to the considerable potential of their domestic market and the presence of world leaders in our target industries: e-commerce, media and advertising platforms. The French Tech Tour America is therefore a great opportunity to concretize our positioning on this very promising market, validate the interest for our offer, and refine our commercial strategy."

They are also part of it:

  • Agorize challenges innovation
  • AntVoice detects and exploits purchase intentions
  • Caléa brings mobile messaging to life
  • GitGardian prevents technology data leakage
  • Keralia digitalizes your business
  • Linxo makes your banking easier
  • PerfectMemory interprets ultra high volume data
  • ICA calculates financial risks
  • Tryane measures the ROI of internal communication campaigns
  • Wuha finds cross-application documents easily

"Whether in China, Italy or soon in Spain, our stays with BPI France have each time been an opportunity to understand the particularities of these new markets in order to better integrate them.

Quable is now growing internationally and it seems obvious for the company, at this stage, to anticipate an expansion on the US market. We want to understand the business codes and compare our vision of PIM with the expectations of these American companies.

The French Tech Tour will foster the emergence of a real business strategy on the American market and materialise a key opportunity for Quable. We look forward to it! »

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