Quable X Wezen: a multilingual site for the international market

Quable X Wezen: a multilingual site for the international market

In this age of ultra-connectivity and globalization, companies face a major challenge in expanding abroad. They are looking to expand their international presence to open up new markets and boost growth. Success in these new territories represents a major challenge: adapting to other cultures, becoming accustomed to new languages... all this in a competitive environment. Successful internationalization therefore requires a local approach that takes into account the regional, cultural and linguistic specificities of these new markets.

It's at this precise moment that Quable & Wezen come into play, to support and help brands succeed in their internationalization strategy.

The challenges of internationalization for brands

1. Cultural and linguistic issues

When a brand or company goes international, it faces linguistic and cultural challenges that can have a significant impact on its success.

When a brand moves into a new country, it often has to communicate in a different language. This can pose challenges in terms of interpretation and translation, language fluency, and understanding the nuances and specificities of the local language. What's more, each country or region has its own culture, which brings with it specific norms, values and behaviors. A brand that goes international must take these aspects into account and respect them if it is to be well understood, visible and maintain good commercial relations locally. It may therefore be necessary to adapt products and/or services, marketing plans and so on to the local culture.

Brands also need to be culturally sensitive to avoid offending or misinterpreting local cultural and linguistic norms. Finally, in a context of internationalization, companies are likely to have multicultural teams spread across different countries. Managing this multicultural diversity is crucial to fostering an environment conducive to collaboration.

2. Adapting products and content to local needs 

Facing cultural and linguistic challenges requires brands to adapt their products to the new markets they wish to penetrate. For many reasons, the product a company sells in one region will not be the same in another. It will meet country-specific needs, preferences and requirements. As a result, a brand will be more likely to meet consumer expectations, and thus increase its chances of success in a new market.

A local approach will therefore be decisive in taking cultural differences into account when adapting products. This may include differences in product color, design, functionality, ingredients and advertising messages, to ensure that all these elements respect local norms and sensitivities.

3. What is multi-location and what are its challenges?

To meet these challenges, multi-localization is the key to adapting strategies, products and services to local conditions. In addition to cultural and regulatory adaptation, and knowledge of local markets, this also includes linguistic adaptation. Content must be translated, whether it's product information, marketing materials or user interfaces. It's vital to communicate effectively in your target market's preferred language, to facilitate understanding of the brand and its products, and to establish a close relationship with consumers.

4. The importance of product information management in multi-localization

Good management of a brand's product information takes on its full meaning in a context of multi-localization. It enables product data to be maintained consistently across different countries and markets. As a result, it ensures that product information relating to descriptions, features, media, etc., is uniform across all localized versions.

Product information management also facilitates the adaptation of data to local specificities. As a result, language variations, regulatory requirements and specific images are adapted to consumer expectations and commercial practices in the market(s) concerned.

Who are Quable and Wezen?

1. Quable: the PIM solution to boost your brand internationally

Quable is a PIM (Product Information Manager) platform. This solution enables companies to collect, centralize, manage, enrich and distribute their product information. It is often integrated with a DAM (Digital Asset Manager), which works on the same principle as PIM , but this time manages the media associated with product information.

A PIM platform enables data contributors to enrich the information linked to a brand's products. By setting up workflows adapted to each contributor's profession, each team (product, e-commerce, marketing, R&D, merchandising...) can contribute effectively to product data.

Against a backdrop of internationalization, PIM has a number of objectives: 

  • collect product information, often contained in an ERP or Excel file,
  • centralize this data in a single place to avoid or eliminate errors, and ensure complete, exhaustive, reliable and consistent data across all a brand's distribution channels,
  • accelerate the digitalization and overall activity of brands by effectively developing product information of the highest possible quality,
  • harmonize product and customer experiences, whether online or in physical outlets,
  • rapidly open up new international markets thanks to key translation and localization partnerships,
  • Reduce product time-to-market, to stay one step ahead of the competition and maximize sales momentum,
  • ensure that data-contributing teams work in harmony by setting up specific, tailored workflows.

To achieve these objectives, PIM QUable stands out from other solutions on the market not only for its power, but also for its rich functionality. These features include :  

  • The PIM (Product Information Manager), which enables all textual product information to be collected, centralized, enriched and uniformly distributed.
  • The DAM (Digital Asset Manager), which performs the same actions as PIM , but this time for media: images, product packshots, videos...
  • The brand portal: to enable your sales force, dealers and distributors to find all product information in a single place.
  • Workflows, which enable your data-contributing teams to collaborate effectively by setting up processes tailored to their business and your objectives.


PIM Wezen adaptation translation localization solution PIM


2. Wezen: the platform for your international deployments

Wezen is an innovative SaaS platform that connects your entire digital content ecosystem, rethinking the very concept of multilingual content deployment.

It's SAM (Semantic Asset Management) software that coordinates all your language activities during international deployments.

A SAM platform enables copywriters, translators and market validators to work together to produce high-quality multilingual content. Thanks to the implementation of projects tailored to your needs and your teams, Wezen will enable you to prepare high-performance international deployments.

But why is it relevant to use a SAM when using a PIM ?

It will be there to meet your various needs and objectives:

  • localize your product data sheets with top-quality content
  • allow you to easily deploy your product sheets thanks to interconnected technologies in each of your languages
  • manage your SEO directly on the platform, using a comprehensive terminology database for each market
  • bring all your teams together on a single tool for each of your markets

Working with the Wezen platform gives you the opportunity to optimize all your language activities with an expert tool for international e-commerce. You'll also benefit from daily exchanges with a team of solution makers who are ready to listen to your needs and work together to solve your international challenges.  

The synergy between Quable and Wezen

Combining a PIM platform like Quable with a multi-localization solution like Wezen gives you all the keys to successful internationalization and performance in new foreign markets.

With PIM, branded product information is immediately available, complete, exhaustive and of the highest quality. Content can then be translated and adapted to local markets. As a result, future customers in the target country immediately feel more confident about your brand, and the customer experience is optimized.

The translation and adaptation of content is managed efficiently and centrally, making it easy to update the translation of data, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of information produced in different languages. Translation solutions like Wezen enable brand teams to save considerable time by implementing automated processes. They also offer the opportunity to improve the quality of product information adaptation, using suggestion and memory functions to ensure consistency of product data.

In short, choosing the Quable & Wezen duo gives you every opportunity to succeed in your international sales strategy. It means making brand product information available in the local languages of target countries, facilitating the adaptation of product data to different markets to guarantee greater consumer confidence, contributing to a better customer experience, and boasting the most effective international expansion.


multi local content PIM Wezen Quable



In a phase of international expansion, the translation, adaptation and localization of brand content are essential strategic steps. Product information must be reliable and accurate to ensure multi-channel consistency. What's more, it's not enough to "simply" translate product data; it must also be adapted to localization, language usage and cultural specificities.

Successful multi-localization, thanks to the expertise and complementary nature of the Quable & Wezen alliance, guarantees a successful local approach. Together, the synergy of the duo ensures consistency and coherence of product information, whatever the channel and market abroad. Your future customers trust you right away, you sell faster, your customer experience is enhanced, your competitive position is strengthened and your international strategy is optimized. 

The combination of Wezen and Quable opens up new international sales prospects for the brands, thanks to an efficient and optimized multi-local strategy.


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