Quable X Faume: offering the best second-hand experience

Quable X Faume: offering the best second-hand experience

The second hand market has seen a real turnaround in recent years and has become an extremely popular market for both buyers and sellers. With the expansion of the internet, social networks and the growing use of technology, the second hand industry is taking on a new lease of life. In fact, it has become essential to provide users of resale platforms with a quality and personalized product and customer experience. The PIM (Product Information Manager) is the ideal platform to ensure a smooth product experience and a seamless customer journey. With its flexibility and rich functionality, PIM is fully compliant with the requirements of e-commerce and second-hand stores.

Who are Faume and Quable?

Faume is a platform that allows brands to launch themselves serenely into second hand. The implementation of a second-hand strategy often involves numerous technological and logistical constraints. Faume proposes to manage all the complexity around a brand's second hand items to allow it to easily and quickly deploy its second hand products offer in Europe. Second hand requires specific processes and the collection and resale of thousands of unique items are steps away from traditional trade for brands. These operations are costly, time consuming and tedious and Faume proposes to invest in these processes in order to optimize them.

Concretely, the Faume platform takes care of collecting second-hand articles of the brand online or in stores. It is then responsible forauthenticating the products, to see if they are really products of the brand, and to control their state of use. Then, Faume is in charge of repairing and cleaning the received item, taking pictures of it and agreeing on the price and merchandising of the product. Finally, the start-up is in charge of shipping it according to the brand's image. Faume can boast of having deployed the second hand offer of prestigious brands in Europe in the fashion industry such as: ba&sh, Sandro, Isabel Marant Vintage, The Kooples, or Hugo Boss.  

The Quable platform, on the other hand, is a PIM & DAM SOLUTION. It allows brands to centralize, enrich, update and disseminate all information related to products (descriptions, composition, media...). Thanks to its flexibility, the platform can be adapted to all sectors of activity (fashion, luxury goods, furniture, household appliances, industry, etc.) and all core businesses can contribute to the product data: marketing, e-commerce, product, R&D, category manager, etc. For the second hand, the PIM platform is a powerful ally to deliver exhaustive, complete and reliable product data and guarantee the accuracy of the brand.

The second hand market

The second-hand market is a juicy opportunity for brands. Clothing, electronics, furniture, cultural products, household appliances... in France and around the world, this use is becoming more and more part of consumers' daily lives. Among the French, at least 64% of them have already bought a second-hand product in their life and 43% buy it every month, according to the research firm Enov.

With a second-hand market representing 7 billion euros in France in 2021, no socio-professional category or customer typology seems to stand out for the purchase of second-hand items, even if young consumers predominate. For buyers, the purchase of second-hand products is above all motivated by the economic aspect, but also by the ecological aspect and the fact of being able to afford branded or even luxury items.

In terms of e-commerce, second-hand products are also doing well: 67% of second-hand purchases are made online with two main leaders: Le Bon Coin and Vinted. However, there are still some brakes and fears that make visitors reluctant to buy second-hand products online. 77% of French people think that buying a second-hand product represents a risk. Among the main reasons for not buying are the fact that there is no guarantee, no after-sales service and that returns and refunds are difficult.

Online, it is also much easier to buy a counterfeit product, when platforms like Vinted verify the authenticity of the item in a sometimes unscrupulous manner. Resale platforms between individuals also rely on the good faith of sellers, which can sometimes fail buyers. Future consumers therefore want online platforms, where second-hand products are truly authenticated and where after-sales service is reliable, which would be similar to a luxury consignment shop for example, where experts authenticate and guarantee the veracity of the products.

Faume and PIM in improving the second hand experience

Faume relies heavily on the rich functionality of a PIM such as Quable. The high quality of the data, and the fact that it is fully available and accessible, guarantees a high quality second-hand product experience for the brand.

Facilitate the management and reliability of product information

With PIM, product management is largely optimized. The preliminary work on the brand's data model then enables all the data linked to the products to be cleaned up. Thus, products are carefully categorized and all information (descriptions, materials, photos, videos, etc.) are centralized in a single repository. By setting up workflows adapted to each employee's job, everyone knows what they have to do and when they have to contribute, regardless of their team (product, R&D, e-commerce, digital...). The PIM becomes THE reference for information related to the brand's products. This information is automatically updated to provide future customers with the most accurate product information.

By relying on such a solution, platforms like Faume make the most of the quality of the data. For a visitor who wants to buy second hand, this product information is precious. It guarantees the authenticity of the item, its quality and its veracity. This statement is even more important when it comes to premium or luxury brands. The visitor needs to be reassured about the veracity of the product, to avoid any fraud, and this is why he will trust dedicated websites rather than resale platforms between individuals, like Vinted for example.

Improve the visibility of second-hand products

Searching for a product online on a so-called "classic" website can be tedious. In the mind of a future consumer, searching on a second hand website is sometimes frightening; we fear that we will have to rummage around and that the products will not be correctly presented, as in some thrift stores for example. A platform created by Faume and based on information from PIM like Quable gives the same product experience as on the brand's original site. With complete, detailed and accurate information, it is the most coherent offer that is visible and proposed to users. The data is automatically updated and the products in question can be found much more quickly and easily.

Faume Quable second hand PIM product experience second hand online

Reduce time to market

In a highly competitive sector such as ready-to-wear, the time to market, or time-to-marketis a valuable competitive advantage. Products that are highly valued and sought after by visitors will be favored based on their availability or not. A product that is available and visible quickly, coupled with detailed, accurate and reliable information will easily stand out in the eyes of the future customer.

Optimizing the customer experience

Having a branded customer experience on second-hand products is a luxury that makes a difference to customers. Visitors come for the brand's products and the experience that comes with it. For companies, it is a real advantage to be able to reproduce their brand experience, on all their sales channels.

Broadcast easily on all its channels

Thanks to its functional power, a PIM solution allows you to import and export product data in mass and to distribute them afterwards very quickly. Theinteroperability of PIM Quable is also very wide: PIM can easily connect with most of the platforms of your ecosystem: Shopify, Prestashop, Magento... 

Several features also allow your teams to choose which information to push to which channel (website, retailers, distributors...) such as completions for example. The implementation of automated processes offers your teams additional time to reallocate to other tasks with greater added value.

In short, a platform such as PIM Quable, allows to maintain the consistency of the data, easily distributed on all the sales channels of the brand. A boon for a platform like Faume, which can thus guarantee an identical customer experience for the brand.

Personalize shopping experiences and analyze consumer behavior

Relying on a PIM like Quable to personalize shopping experiences ensures a higher conversion rate. Some platforms can offer product recommendations based on consumer behavior. To do this, they need reliable, qualitative data that PIM provides. Consistent, detailed and accurate data is then valuable for these platforms that can offer certain information based on purchasing preferences, and thus improve the customer experience.


Second hand is more and more invested by brands, whether it is fashion, household appliances, electronics, mid-range, high-end, luxury. Online, the brakes and fears of consumers are a real boon for brands wishing to create a dedicated second-hand space that guarantees the authenticity and condition of the second-hand product. To succeed, such a project must rely on experts in the field such as Faume, which is no longer at its first attempt, and which can rely on the power of a PIM like Quable. The launch of a second-hand site, based on reliable, accurate, detailed and complete data, subsequently offers a customer and product experience that reflects the brand; a unique and certainly competitive advantage.

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