Quable and Proximis: A partnership that breaks down the barriers of multi-channel

Quable and Proximis: A partnership that breaks down the barriers of multi-channel

Quable and Proximis have a common vision: to facilitate the digital transition of companies towards omnichannel. By choosing to join forces, the two companies wish to offer their innovative and business-oriented solutions to better meet the expectations of brands with regard to the new issues involved in omnichannel. Brands and retailers are the most challenged players in this transformation. They must constantly innovate to remain competitive and adapt to their ecosystem, whose practices and customer needs are changing rapidly, by offering a personalised, simple and fluid shopping experience.

Manage product information and improve the customer experience

The solutions of Proximis and Quable solutions are complementary: for its part, Quable offers a Product Information Management (PIM) solutionQuable offers a unique online space for managing product information that enables product information to be collected, enriched and disseminated across different channels: e-commerce, m-commerce, tablets or in-store terminals. "There is talk of digital disruption and omnichannel, and brands are positioning themselves on these new business-generating paths without necessarily having put in place the tools and processes to enable their teams to manage and pilot their product data, which is where Quable PIM comes in. "François-Emmanuel Lamellière , CEO of Quable.

On the other hand, Proximis develops digital solutions that improve the shopping experience, streamline the multi-media customer journey and, ultimately, accelerate business performance. " Is it possible to be 100% omnichannel without touching your information system? Yes, it is possible! But tomorrow's business will not be done with yesterday's tools. "Philip Bianchi, CEO of Proximis. 

Together, Quable and Proximis offer a complete range of services to manage the entire value chain from upstream to downstream distribution, without any compartmentalisation. product information management upstream and distribution to all downstream channels, without compartmentalisation and enabling any company wishing to embark on omnichannel to radically simplify its procedures.

About Proximis

Proximis is a SaaS omnichannel commerce platform dedicated to brands and retailers. It integrates more than one hundred web and shop functions that enable online sales (omnichannel e-commerce) and point-of-sale (omnichannel POS) management. Proximis currently equips more than 80 major brands and retail chains: Lacoste, The Kooples, Lierac, IKKS, Zadig & Voltaire, Du pareil au même, Phyto Paris, Bricorama, Nature&Découvertes, etc.

The company benefits from the support of renowned financial partners (Naxicap, 3T Capital, Entrepreneur Venture, M Capital Partners, Alsace Capital) as well as the leaders of French e-commerce, J.A Granjon and Ilan Benhaim of Vente-privée.com.

About Quable

In a context of ever-increasing digitalization, Quable is the partner of choice. above all an omnicana partnerl that provides a vision and innovative strategies for product information management. Its unique SaaS platform, Quable PIM, offers maximum flexibility and ergonomics for users to create, manage and enrich product data before distributing it to an infinite number of channels in over 50 languages.

Quable's clients already include companies such as Jennyfer, Club Med, Delsey, UCPA, Top Office and Yakarouler.com. The diversity of its projects illustrates the adaptability of its technologies and its experts to offer expertise and viable strategies in all sectors of activity.

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