Definition of Master Data Management

Definition of Master Data Management

The principle of Master Data Management.

Master Data Management is a recent concept, born of the awareness of the importance of certain types of data and which has developed very strongly with the computerisation of companies and their processes.

The data considered essential are :

  • third parties (customers and suppliers);
  • financial information ;
  • product data.

Definition of MDM

MDM defines a set of concepts and processes for defining, storing, maintaining, distributing and enforcing a complete, reliable and up-to-date view of referential data within an information system, regardless of communication channels, industry sector or business or geographical subdivisions. Numerous Master Data Management tools allow the collection, sorting and normalisation of raw data from different sources. Within companies, these tools are becoming the benchmark for data management to ensure good data governance and quality.  

For IT and DSI teams, the MDM is really thought of as a global repository in terms of an information and product data management solution. It ensures data security, management, traceability and reliability.


The main tools for managing data and business processes are

  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning;
  • CRM: Customer Relation Management;
  • PLM: Product Lifecycle Management;
  • the WMS: Warehouse Management System.

All these tools use or produce reference data, sometimes different but often identical. It is therefore rationally appropriate to centralise the holding of data to simplify their coherence, uniqueness, protection and availability.

Imagine that your product description is created in a PLM and codified in aRP. If you centralise both pieces of information, all the other systems will come and look for it in one place.

The other systems could even enrich this common database with information "created" by them about this product. For example, the WMS could provide product logistics data (weight, dimensions, packaging, etc.) and the CRM could provide customer consultation statistics over a given period.

MDM is a guarantee of control over what is done and produced on a subject that is vital to the company. This one, combined with PIMis a guarantee of rationalising the management of your data and making the work of your business teams more fluid.

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