Digitalisation of its B2B catalogue

Digitalisation of its B2B catalogue

The online product catalog is no longer the privilege of B2C e-tailers. Although these paper catalogs are still relevant for some e-merchants, they tend to become much more digital, especially for B2B business. We explain you why and how thanks to PIM.

Why digitise your B2B catalogue?

In the golden age of digital marketing and social networks, the paper catalogue no longer seems to be a trendy tool for B2B players. However, digital and paper catalogues are highly complementary, an integral part of a successful sales strategy and a key element in your customer relationship management.

In order to adapt to each of your customers, to marketplaces, and because B2B purchasing processes are particularly complex, it has become essential to digitise your product catalogue in order to offer your customers and professionals quality, reliable and systematically updated information on all sales channels, and therefore easily and quickly accessible. A B2B catalogue allows companies to present a clear and legible offer in its communication and to promote the relationship with professionals and buyers.

However, depending on the industry you work in, paper catalogues and leaflets are not to be discarded, far from it; these catalogues are still very much in demand in the fashion and clothing world for example (lookbooks, brochures, collection presentations, etc.).

How to digitise your B2B catalogue?

The Print solution from PIM Quable enables B2B e-tailers to optimize their multi-channel sales by choosing a solution that allows for optimal management of product-related data. This platform allows you to distribute your products and their contents in record time and thus considerably reduce your time to market.

The solution ensures that you digitise your catalogue and offer your customers the best possible product experience: every change from the platform is simultaneously published to provide your customers with constantly updated information.

The digitization of the product catalog, through PIM, allows you to considerably reduce the time allocated to this task, usually. This way, you can free up time for your team, so that they can really focus on their core business and on tasks with higher added value for you. The product experience is greatly optimized for your distributors, stores and buyers in general. 


If you want to start this digital transition of your catalogue, Quable's platform is the most suitable for theautomation and management of data, images, media and visuals related to products. Its simplicity will allow your teams to fully take ownership of the project and to integrate with your entire ecosystem, marketplaces, distribution channels, etc. Despite everything, the paper/digital mix remains the formula to be favoured in 2022, in order to maintain a solid and trustworthy customer relationship.

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