Jennyfer adopts Quable's PIM: the making of

Jennyfer adopts Quable's PIM: the making of

The ready-to-wear brand Jennyfer finalised the deployment of Quable's PIM in 2015. Vincent Desreumaux, Jennyfer's IT and digital director, looks back on a strategic choice that allows the brand to reduce its "time to market".

Jennyfer, a ready-to-wear company for young fashion.

The brand has more than 400 shops and 2000 employees. It sells more than 10,000 items per year with a constantly changing catalogue. Before being put online on the website (Demandware), a product has to go through four departments; purchasing, photo studio, marketing before reaching the e-commerce team. Until then, Jennyfer used Excel files to manage this workflow The problem was that this was not working and some products were regularly falling through the cracks: they were not being shot.

The search for performance.

Jennyfer wanted to equip itself with a tool that would allow it to centralise all of its product data, via a platform accessible by all of the departments concerned. It is with this objective that Jennyfer approached Quable and adopted its PIM solution in SaaS mode. The PIM (Product Information Management) was implemented in three months: All the departments concerned, as well as the ERP, the intranet and - of course - the website (Demandware) were easily plugged in, without requiring a significant amount of time from Jennyfer's IT department.

Quable carried out the preliminary studies, the functional recommendations and ensured the implementation of the PIM.

"Everyone now knows what they have to do and has the tools to do it. From now on, the time to market has gone from 7 days to 24 hours "Vincent Desreumaux is delighted.

Jennyfer Customer Case

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