Infographic: Quable's support for your PIM deployment

Infographic: Quable's support for your PIM deployment

From the creation of your product workflow, to its design and implementation on the market, Quable supports you in modernising your processes and optimising your development.

Through this infographic, Quable helps you to see more clearly and explains all the steps step by step, for a successful PIM deployment!

Infographic on Quable PIM support

You have decided to implement a PIM to manage your product data, but need help to set up your tool? Quable can help you and explain all the steps step by step, for a successful PIM deployment!  

1 - Onboarding

Here we go: Quable takes you on the PIM & DAM adventure!

Benefit from efficient support to ensure that your specifications are met, and to avoid additional costs and delays in production.

  • Customisation of your PIM: thanks to an approach adapted to your business practices, the articulation of your product data in the PIM & DAM tools resembles you. 
  • A proven methodology: designed by Quable, the Quable Air support course allows you to appropriate your PIM tool, step by step. 
  • 1-to-1 video workshops: they are tailor-made to answer all your questions. 
  • Comprehensive documentation if needed: we provide you with additional support to deepen your knowledge at any time. 

2 - Training

Quable offers two types of training, from initiation to advanced training:

  1. A la carte training according to the missions of the person who will use the tool. 
  2. General team training to introduce the interface from A to Z.  

3 - Support

Even in the run phase, Quable remains present and provides you with all the tools to master your PIM:

  • A personalised memo containing the main settings made and information exchanged verbally.
  • Monthly or fortnightly follow-up by one of our Customer Success Managers.
  • Online resources and educational content, including webinars and video tutorials.
  • A chat room reserved for our customers to exchange quickly.

Whatever your level of maturity on PIM & DAM tools, Quable is there to onboard you, coach you and support you throughout the process.

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