How to enhance the customer experience in stores with PIM ?

How to enhance the customer experience in stores with PIM ?

Delivering the same message, the same sales pitch, while maintaining a clear and precise image and positioning is not an easy thing when you have many sales channels. Some parts of your sales pitch can be missed because they are delivered through several very different channels: marketplace, retails, specialized distributors, independent retailers, own points of sale... Thus, the customer experience in physical stores, and the whole interaction between your customers and your products are different.

This was the case for Devialet, before the implementation of PIM Quable.

The case of Devialet

Devialet is an acoustic engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and advanced technology. The company's success is based on a series of radical innovations integrated into each of its products. With nearly 400 employees, the brand distributes its speakers, headphones and sound bars through its own stores, its e-commerce site, specialized distributors (FNAC, Boulanger) and smallerindependent audiophile retailers.

"One of the key elements of our success is above all a mastered and honed customer experience," says Michael Partouche, product manager at Devialet. The brand's main objective was to deploy a coherent product discourse from A to Z, from the creation of the products to the distribution in the different points of sale, regardless of the contact points and the customer path.


Devialet customer experience PIM sales channels


Prior to the implementation of PIM, "the sales pitch in question was not unified with the plurality of these players", hence the choice of Quable thereafter.

The best customer experience through PIM

Devialet has chosen Quable's PIM (Product Information Management) to unify data and information related to products. There is a wide variety of product data: R&D, Marketing, field, product... which were previously captured in different files: Excel, other files scattered all over Devialet...The fact that all the data is centralized in one place, the Quable platform, allowed Devialet's teams tocreate specific distribution channels that could match their partners' data. "For example, for FNAC, we defined a distribution channel with the right product data to fit into their system and make sure that the customer experience is the same with our partners as with Devialet," according to Michael. 


customer experience sales channels


The quality of the data, and the information produced, subsequently has a positive impact on the customer experience in general and on the potential gain in revenue.

To conclude

A consistent customer experience is the Holy Grail for all brands with different buying paths because of the many channels involved. Sublimating the customer experience in physical and online points of sale is also the guarantee of a good customer relationship management and of a most exemplary customer service. The customer experience and PIM are therefore closely linked because PIM, by centralizing and distributing qualitative and reliable data, no longer allows for errors in the sales pitch. However, we have talked about customer experience in B2C in this case, but the PIM is an ally that does not lack resources to deliver the best customer experience in B2B as well.

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