How can you eliminate the conversion disincentives of your target audience?

How can you eliminate the conversion disincentives of your target audience?

Improve your conversion rate, convert your visitors into customers, whether in an online or physical store, avoid abandoned shopping carts... all strategies are good to avoid the obstacles that prevent your visitors from proceeding to payment.

In physical stores, but also on the web, the transformation rate is the major indicator, closely watched by retailers and brands. It corresponds to the number of total customers, i.e. those who have made a payment, over the number of people who have visited the store, i.e. the traffic.

Why doesn't your visitor convert? A lack of transparency on payment solutions, terms and conditions, deliveries and returns, personal data protection, a restrictive purchasing process... there are many reasons to slow down your prospect and thus decrease your sales.

Solutions to optimize your conversion rate

Several strategies exist to remove the barriers to purchase, online or in physical stores, and thus improve your conversion rate: 

  • Focus on the customer experience: this should not be static but should evolve continuously. In the store, the signage must be as explicit and understandable as possible in order to optimize the customer experience. The product offer, and therefore the layout of the point of sale, must also be clear and legible, both in-store and on your website, for a unified multi-channel experience, whatever the sales channel.
  • Deploy a loyalty program that gives real advantages to your most loyal customers: accumulation of points, gifts... This program personalizes your customer relationship and makes it unique, so that they only buy from you. To remove the main obstacles to purchase, it must also be multi-channel so that the benefits of this loyalty program can be found both online and in store.  
  • Play on the physical point(s) of sale: If your brand has one or more physical points of sale, the role of the sales consultants and their expertise are crucial. Why does a visitor go to a store? To benefit from advice and human contact, to be able to touch and physically try out products. Physical stores are also there to make the point of sale an event, to create a happening, a special event linked to the history of your brand or the highlights of your business. In these cases, social networks play an important role to attract traffic and convert. 
  • Display a total transparency, from the start: on all your sales channels, transparency is required, especially concerning online data, protection and use of your customers' personal data (email, phone number, etc.).
  • Clarify the buying process: the buying tunnel should be as short as possible. Online, your visitor is extremely volatile and has no time to waste. The steps of the buying tunnel must be simple, clear and fast to maximize the chances of converting the user into a customer.
  • Give access to a maximum of information: product information is key today. A maximum of information related to your products will remove all the brakes and obstacles of your prospects and will not give him any reason not to pay and not to convert. This is why your product sheets must be as optimized as possible and of high quality. How can they be optimized? Everything is explained in our dedicated white paper.



  • Highlight your customer service: whether it is an easily accessible and very often available phone number, or a chat bot on your site or even private messages on the networks, if your customer knows that he can contact a reliable, fast and reactive customer service at any time, he will be reassured and given an additional element. Another main reason for abandonment. 
  • Reassurance through social proof: Customer reviews, especially if you're not called Apple, are powerful reassurance that you're optimizing your conversion rate. Whether it's reviews on your site, Google reviews, and your responses to reviews, they play a critical role in converting your customers and giving you every chance to maximize your conversion rate.
  • Modernize and energize your website: a professional and convincing design, well placed and attractive call to action buttons, a clear and fast user experience, short forms... are all elements that give credibility to your business and your brand, and give confidence to online visitors. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can easily analyze the performance of your website and optimize it afterwards.
  • Inform about delivery and returns: whether it is totally free or from a certain amount of purchase, the delivery policy must be clearly displayed from the beginning of the purchase tunnel. The return policy is also an element that can convert your prospects, even if normally, thanks to all the information available, customers have no reason to return their products, as in the example of our client Bonpoint.
  • Multiply the payment methods: check, credit cards, payment in 3 times without fees, payment via Paypal or Apple Pay are as many ways as reasons to buy and thus convert your visitor into a real customer.


It's no secret that visitors are multi-channel and want to get as much information as possible about the products they want to buy. Information can be obtained on one channel, the purchase decision on another and the payment on yet another channel, which is why it is extremely important to unify your product experience to optimize the customer journey and convert as much as possible, whether in your physical stores or online stores.

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