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The great Bible of full-remote (teleworking in 2024)

Dive into the world of full remote with our new ebook. We introduce you to the current full remote situation, deconstruct common stereotypes and highlight the benefits and pitfalls of work from home. You'll discover best practices for maintaining your well-being, tips on managing and recruiting from a distance, and hints on how to find a full remote job.

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The great full-remote Bible

In this Ebook, you will discover :

  • What is the current state of remote work?
  • The worst clichĂ©s and remarks about remote work (and how to debunk them)
  • The advantages of full-remote and the traps to avoid
  • Remote work best practices for health
  • How to manage staff remotely?
  • Remote test: Am I made for remote work?
  • Employer: best practices to implement for successful remote work
  • Job seekers: how to find a remote job?