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Quable x Make: All the power of automation without a single line of code

Make enables you to easily integrate and automate a wide range of tasks, in all areas (marketing, CRM, sales, IT...). Connect your PIM to over 1,000 applications in your ecosystem, automate your work and save yourself time.

The Quable App PIM available on the App Store Make

Discover now our app Quable PIM on the App store Make, configure your workflows without further delay.

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Quable: the first app PIM on Make!

Easily connect your data PIM (assets, documents, variants...) and quickly maximize its potential. No more human error on automated tasks. Your data is more accurate, your time and costs optimized, and your productivity increased. Free up your time for more complex and higher value-added tasks.

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Connect to your e-commerce ecosystem in no time

In just a few clicks, you can distribute your product data from PIM to feed your online stores (Woo commerce, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Prestashop...), promote your product catalog (Google Shopping, Instagram / Facebook Ads...) and manage your projects (Monday, Asana, Airtable...).Your brand finally has the e-commerce and international experience it deserves.

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