The practice for a retailer or brand that consists of marketing its offer on all available sales channels (physical distribution and web). The PIM enables omnichannel sales to be optimised.


The omnichannel strategy is a marketing practice of a retailer or a brand that consists of marketing its products or services through all the different channels (physical distribution and web).

It aims to provide the best customer experience by using various sales channels simultaneously to improve customer relations and engagement.

Omnichannelity makes it possible to respond to the needs and trends of consumers who are increasingly connected to the Internet.

The term omnichannel is increasingly replacing multichannel, as the latter is not precise enough. It refers to the delayed or simultaneous use of different channels within a company. It is therefore necessary in the coming years for companies that have not adopted omnichannel in their strategies to remedy this in order to increase their sales.

The PIM allows among other things to optimize and boost omnichannel sales.

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